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Almost Wordless Wednesday : Cookie Edition

You know how baking supplies, likes bags of flour, always have a recipe printed on the back?

We followed one today.


It was for sugar cookies, which everyone knows are the messiest.

And we are not afraid to mess it up.



We have a few special people out there who are overdue for a package in the mail, so this is one way we send our love. (Another way is sending them some of the 6 bazillion beautiful papers Randa & KK bring home from school).


FYI: Cookies in Ziploc bags or plastic containers stay mostly fresh when sent via 2 day mail.

And the messiest cookies, of course, taste the best.

Want to share? If you aren’t one of the luckies who gets a few in the mail, you can make them yourself. We recommend real butter, lotsa sprinkles, and a few chocolate chips…


We also recommend eating them with milk, whilst smooshed together on the couch.