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Wordless Wednesday: Weight Loss Effects

Choosing this (Zija Premium Tea):

Instead of this (which is nearly impossible when the vintage packaging is released):

Results in this (clothes that REfit! – though my slouch isn’t the best pose here…):

Which I wore for a date night with him (my sweet husband, who is looking very healthy these days!):

That looked like this:

wordless wednesday: hide it in their hearts

This past Sunday night, we attended a concert by our dear friends the Carters (aka Jay Stone Singers). My children know the words to so many of their songs – which is adorable in its little-kids-earnestness, but important in that when they sing, or even just listen intently, the very thoughts and promises of God are entering their hearts.

Turn the sound up on this, and imagine how your heart might expand hearing your kids (or any kids!) singing, “God is good. God is great. Always on time, never been late!”