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Wordless Wednesday: blue sky thinking

I saw this little T-shirt ad last night. It read, “I wasn’t made for winter! I want my flip flops!”










And with that, I will ignore the chill in our air and focus on the, no…our… signs of spring.

Impromptu trips to the store, in which we stop to look at the lobsters and get to drive the (hated) race cart.
We moved to our new street in the summer. I’m thinking spring is going to be off-the-chart gorgeous there.

Randa feels like rockin’ the shades. All the time…
KK feels like rockin’ all the accessories. And she so can.

Yes. Sometimes we just have to buy overpriced flower pots from the grocery store… because they are yellow and pretty and seem to yell SPRIIIING!

Just like this screams BEACH!!!! and soon will be warm and even more blessedly inviting.


A Christmas list

I do not have gifts bought or wrapped or cards sent or cookies baked, but last night I lit the menorah with my girls, and this week I get to go with each of them on a field trip, and Saturday we get to pass on a family tradition to them, and every night our trees are lit and prayers are said thanking God for the love He sent through Jesus. I could focus on what is missing from this Christmas season or what I haven’t accomplished, but to me, that would be an utter lack of gratefulness for what it is all about.



When I got home tonight, I changed into my cozy Mickey Mouse hoody, and when I reached in the pocket, this was there: my Dad’s hanky. It must be there from when we all went to DisneyWorld in January. Papa is always good for a hanky when you’re sneezing, crying, eating Cheetoh’s, or getting married. It made me miss him even more.

Next week will be the first birthday Miranda has without them, and the first Thanksgiving I have without them. I am grateful, so grateful, to still have them… and I know they will have a wonderful holiday with my niece and nephews and brother & sis-in-law. But, we miss them…

(Tonight, I made Randa and KK wear the jammies they bought them this time last year…)

wordless wednesday: a(nother) new season

Change, change, change. It’s inevitable ’round these parts. The arrival of Josh and Kirsten and our own pending move (as well as general summer fever and June mania…why is June always so crazy?!) mean longer days, lighter nights, more noise, more laundry, more fullness of life. New seasons – the physical and the relational – are upon us. It is well.

Later this week, I will post about the crazy little thing called pre-school graduation, but in the mean time, both girls started their summer program at pre-school. KK actually moved into the classroom Randa was in all school year, with Randa’s teacher. And this, from KK’s first day, is an insightful little treasure~