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day 21: birth stories


randa_3monthsWhen I was waiting to have a baby and couldn’t (either because of circumstance or infertility), I loved hearing other people’s birth stories. I wanted to know all about the poignant, the painful, the gross, the unexpected, and the miraculous.

Even more, I love having a birth story. Miranda’s is a little more “exciting” than Kaity’s.. and the short of it is that seven years ago tonight, our little miracle girl turned completely over in my womb while we watched and didn’t know what we were watching), our first nurse didn’t realize her head wasn’t downward, and five hours after being admitted to the hospital, my first born came via c-section.

It’s not the birth story I wanted, but she is the baby I always wanted. And now she is a little girl growing – growing – growing much too fast, just like our love for her gets bigger every day.


day 20: our neighborhood

It has beautifully colored houses of many shades…blues, greens, browns, red, orange, yellow…and then there is ours, which is… butter? cream? I don’t know. It’s plain, but that’s okay, because we can see all the others.


We have neighbors up and down the streets who say “hi,” who walk their dogs while smiling, who are nice to our girls, who give away bikes and herbs. But more, most importantly… we have neighbors who have become part of our lives.


Their kids play with our kids.
Their dogs play with our dogs.
They help with bus stop emergencies, couch delivery emergencies, pool pass emergencies, and homework.
They let us hold their babies!
They offer help when they see “we’ve” locked the keys in the van again.
They dawdle with us outside to talk in the backyard and in the front yard.
They smile politely when “we’re” letting our 5 year old “drive” home from the bus stop.
They come to our stuff and invite us to their stuff.
They know our names.
They let us inside.

The struggle of home and roots continues for me, because my perspective has shifted so much from moving and losing stability. But this “haven” in which we’ve lived since June 2012 feels homey and comfortable, looks beautiful, and has embraced us and our girls. So I will exhale, sitting in the rocking chair on my front porch, enjoy the rainbow and the waves, and settle in.




day 18: a year of memories

Every year for Christmas, I make photo books for our daughters.

Today was the day I compiled them for Randa & KK. I’ve learned a bit about how to theme them, group photos, and weed through hundreds of easy-to-take-with-my-phone sweet, fun, and silly moments from the year… but it is still hard to whittle it down to 20ish pages.

I’m so thankful for the memories made in 2013.memories3

~ for friends who had us over or invited us out.
~ for people who came to this very state for a visit.
memories1~ for the amazing Capriotti family reunion  in June.
~ for that trip to Chicagoland back in the New Year (I can’t believe it’s been that long)
memories4~ for neighbors who became friends
~ for friends who became family
memories2~ for family who shared summer Friday nights at Chipotle and summer Wednesday nights at Movies Under the Stars and a whole lot of other times.

I took a break from this project long enough to frame the girls’ new school pictures. This is always its own stroll down memory lane as I lay out all their older photos and compare the babies that used to be to the little girls who are growing so very quickly:randa2013

randa-memorieskk-memories  kk2013

…I’m thankful for these smiles being captured, and for the hope of more memories to be made. Our best days are still ahead!