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Things I’ve always wanted

… a big kitchen, with room to cook and bake and eat and share and do homework and talk and entertain without getting in each other’s way.

…built-in bookshelves.

… a screened-in patio.

…friends who will drop in whenever for coffee and talking and playtime for the kids.

It’s taken about 34 years. I now have all those things…separated by 970 miles.

The next few weeks (after tonight)

Over the next few weeks, I will search ~

for a new church, a few filler furniture pieces for my new home, time, peace, a pre-school, new doctors, a great grocery store, those cute little mom-and-pop restaurants that are better than the chains, the quickest route to the beach, new friends, and perhaps most importantly, the best way to stay in touch with ‘old’ friends.

I will mourn ~

for a life I am leaving behind, not just the 34 years of geographical familiarity, not just the loved ones no more than an hour away, not just the sights and streets and faces that are extentions of me, but my way of life as a stay-at-home mom for the last wonderful 4.5 years.

I will execute~

because there is a lot to be done. A party, a recital, a girl graduating high school, a MOVE, a new home, exciting new jobs, a revival in Branson. And I am very, very excited about all of these things.

I will emote~

because I am currently experiencing about every emotion there is to have.

But tonight~

I will thank Him, for giving His amazing life for my tiny one, for loving me, blessing me, forgiving me, protecting me, and sending me.

Jesus would have died for me had I been the only one.

Same for you.

And He rose for all of us.


This April 12

April 12 is a day of promise and victory for me, for our family.

It always will be.

On April 12, 2006, I was transformed from an “infertile stepmom of 2,” trying very hard to be hopeful in the light of a shattered dream to the recipient of a miracle and the happiest pregnant woman who ever lived.

{I really think I was the happiest one…}

Rod and I have been sort of counting down to April 12 this year… not formally, but sort of in that silent, knowing language of a couple who knows each other completely and is in the trench together.

We need to know what our next chapter is in order to get started on it.

On May 1, our home is rented to another family.

We have both applied for jobs in Chicagoland to no avail, at least not yet.

We have job offers in Myrtle Beach, SC…but the company needs to give a green light for them to start, and once they do, we need to find a place to live, and we need to move our family halfway across the country.

We are not restful spirits. We need stuff to do. We need deadlines and crunchtime and the semi-organized chaos of doing. And while we’re not exactly calm right now, with all our packing and a whirlwind trip to Nashville this week and planning for the ever-close Branson GMR, we are in a holding pattern.

And we don’t do so well with that.

We have been offered encouragement and lifted in prayer by so many people. I almost feel embarrassed. Our worries are, as KK would say, “teeny-tiny-lttle.” We are healthy. We have a landing pad (it’s a 40-ft coach, and families much bigger than we are live on them permanently…) We have options. And, miraculously, we have peace. Sure, my nerves are standing on edge (so if I have been snippy-snaps with you of late, I apologize), but my peace is rooted deep inside me. I know Whom I have believed…

So, this April 12, we will kiss goodbye 3 sisters who are staying at our current home with Mamaw – two of them working on their “summer knees,” as you can see, trek to Nashville (where we thought we’d be living by now, incidentally), and remember fondly how an April 12 changed our lives forever. Maybe on this April 12, they will change again.

{April 12, 2009 ~ April 12, 2010 ~ more April 12 reflections}


The Red Room

The RED ROOM is synonymous with Rod & Kelly’s house. People either love it or hate it. It has served us well.

Several week before our wedding, in the summer of 2003, we spent a weekend painting it. We didn’t know to use primer. We did 3 coats on the ceiling (it needed one more that never got done), and I think 4 on the walls. I could barely walk from getting up and down the ladder so many times. Our friend Michelle helped. We did kind of a terrible job, but we loved it.

We wanted it to be our music room, and it was. We never obtained the black baby grand piano we’d envisioned for it, but music filled it nonetheless. For a year or so our praise and worship team practiced there. Rod recorded a CD in there & practiced music many other times, often with a baby strapped to him! Kaity grew a little and played her guitar in there. And Christmas? Oh, if ever a living room was made for Christmas, it was this one. We put up the tree 9 times to the sounds of Bing Crosby and Celine Dion and many more Yuletide favorites. This past year, our babies and their little friends made music in that room, too.

As of today, the red room is some sort of “lace” color. It is much brighter, it looks clean and pristine (thank you, Erik), and it shows no signs of the life lived in it for the past eight years.

There are 3 weeks until we exit this house. We still don’t know where we’re going. Our peace is deeply embedded, but our stress level is high. I am comforted knowing that the music, the redness that makes our home ours will go with us wherever we journey.



With every passing hour…

We’re trying to keep it light around here.

Our walls are just about BARE. Photos, all 8 million of them, packed.

We move out of this house on April 30.

As of right now, we still don’t know where we’ll be living. (though we’re grateful for options, and the bus, and options…)

I can’t imagine how sick my husband is of my yelling, “IS THIS THE CALL?!?!?!” every time the phone rings.

Anyway. We have a dream. It’s to leave this “tower.” Before we’re inclined to jump off!