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Lessons learned (well, reviewed) whilst bringing back the bus

We pulled in from our trip around 9pm this past Sunday night.

We cautiously unloaded the bus and checked out the house (Josh had stayed behind and been warned about the Neatness Factor).

Between the home on wheels and home “sweet” Homewood, there were no floods, giant spills, puke-related incidents, fires, needs for towing service, or, ahem, forgotten clothes. We cautiously asked ourselves and each other, “Did that just happen?”

I don’t know if that means we are getting the hang of things or if it was just our turn to have an incident-free road trip. I wouldn’t mind the latter, but I hope (and trust) it’s a bit of the former.

So instead of insight into a mishap, or collection of them on the road, I bring you this weekend’s poignant, though slightly less dramatic, Lessons Learned.

I told it first to Rod last night. One of my favorite – and simultaneously least favorite – aspects of our trips is Bringing Back The Bus. See, we have to park it in a lot about 25 minutes away. So after a Sunday of set-up, ministry, take-down, driving, and unloading, we get Miranda to bed (provided Josh or Paige are home), either load up Kaity or leave her with the older kids (last night, she stayed home), and we make the drive. During this time, we talk about the weekend’s events and try to decompress and plan for the coming week.

This weekend was easier than usual. It was a short trip, it was in familiar surroundings, and again, Murphy’s law seemed not to be in effect. There were, however, some new things happening. (more…)

Concert craziness is not limited to The Road

XM display of Rod's name and song title.So yesterday we proved that it doesn’t matter whether a concert is six hours or three miles away. Something will go wrong.

First, for those few who might still be interested, the clothing story had a typical conclusion, I suppose. See, packing for the bus is quite different, we have quickly learned, from packing for a normal, stay-in-a-hotel kind of trip. We don’t use luggage. Pretty much everything stays on hangers that we hang on hooks outside our closet, and “foldy” things like socks and the babies’ clothes are piled into a laundry basket. As I work to let go of my controlling tendencies, I decided while in the kitchen packing food that I’d instruct Rod to get the clothes. I said, “All you need to get is the basket and bag on our bed and the clothes hanging on the closet.” Let me just tell you: he only got his clothes from the closet hook. Mine? Those were still hanging safely there when we made it home.


Travel Log 1

(… in attempt to document as much of our current trip as possible. It’s an experiment).

– Within 30 minutes of leaving home, all 3 girls fell asleep. They all woke up at the same time, too. Is that a sister thing?

– For the first time, I got out at the Flying J truck stop. Wow. Truck stop stores ROCK! They have everything. And apparently a chick who holds the door open for a trucker is an appreciated thing. (Or it could be that I look incredibly hot with my 20 leftover baby pounds and in my jeans and UK T-shirt. Well, at least my hair and skin look fabo, but I sort of doubt he was noticing that. Only my girlfriends notice that!). Just saw a trucker walk past with a 64 (yes, SIXTY FOUR) ounce COFFEE CUP! I wonder if he is catheterized, because, seriously… the pee!

– Pumping diesel makes Rod smell a little dirty (but I love you, honey!)

– People who zip right in front of very long vehicles (ie, our bus) are idiots.

5 DAY BUS TRIP: days one and two (succinct)

(from our first trip out on the bus… going from Illinois to Tennessee to Alabama and back in 6 days with the 2 month old and the 17 month old… This is an important disclaimer!)

I guess the most notable thing about our first trip on the bus so far is NOT…

– the gallon of milk flying out of the fridge and spilling everywhere,
– the two gallon jug of water flying out of the fridge and spilling everywhere,
– the trip to Wal-mart to get a lock for the fridge door,
– Miranda falling off the bed and crying so hard she threw up everywhere,
– washing the thrown-up upon linens in the washer unit as we continued down the highway,
– poor red faced Kaity’s first bout with constipation,
– me having a sore throat, cold, and various other fun symptoms,
– ‘Randa squatting by the speakers because she recognized her Daddy, who was inside, 50 feet away, giving a radio interview,
– breastfeeding pretty much being over :(
– Rod giving one of his best performances ever tonight

… but rather, the fact that we MISSED an EARTHQUAKE at home today! I can’t believe it. My mom felt it, and so did Josh… Paige and my dad, all in their respective houses, slept through it.

OK… the girlies are sleeping, and since we only got about 5 hours last night after a VERY long day yesterday, and because there is a lovely breeze here in Ozark, Alabama, and I am hoping to get the kind of sleep that would also last through an earthquake…

PS: I just finished Jennifer Weiner’s Certain Girls, for which I waited a long time. Why, Jen, why?!?!?