yes, I know…


And… most of the time we were gone, I didn’t know where my computer even WAS, much less did I have time to sit and blog.


But, it was an amazing week and I have a lot to say about it.

(By the way… I didn’t run while we were gone either, though my feet hurt as though I ran a marathon! Flip side is that most of the days were so busy I only ate once a day…)

As for now, I am in the midst of catch up… about 6 loads of laundry, cleaning house (thanks to Paige and Josh for their help, and to their school for being canceled due to flooding today), grocery shopping (check!), putting STUFF away, and trying to get these poor babies some sleep in their own beds. Miranda is in here screaming right now, so I have to go.

And Kaity just thinks it’s all so funny

Today was another day packed to the gills with activity. First we hung out some more at Aunt Sue’s. Then we went to Frische’s so Rod could inhale his first Super Big Boy plus onion of the week. Then, Aunt Reba sprung for Paige to get her nails done, so I got to spend another hour and a half in a salon (at least they fixed my mani from last night!). THEN, we made our major NQC-try-not-to-forget-ANYthing Wal-mart trip, after we went the wrong way, causing Rod to have to maneuver the bus through narrow curves and over a scary bridge, twice.

NEWS FLASH: I am typing this on Rod’s laptop and I hate it. Anyway…

We had fun at the expo center as soon as we got here. We met a new friend who is here for the first time and particpating in “our” showcase. The best part of this craziness is meeting new people. We unpacked a little and then I went to work on the tables in our booth while Rod looked pretty (inside joke) and Paige chased Miranda around. Oh, and Kaity just hung out and took it all in and smiled and giggled. She gets a kick out of the rest of the Burtons as we run around like crazy about everything. I love my little angel.

All the angels stayed on the bus after we dined on amazing Kentucky Aunt Leftovers… meatloaf, sweet potato casserole, orange sherbet salad, and so on. Miranda is starting to make “mmmm-hmmmm” noises when she eats, and the food we had over the weekend has been very worthy.

Rod and I spent quite awhile on the booth trying to make it look “perfect.” For the record, it doesn’t. There is so much more I would like to do with it, so many details I didn’t have the time or resources to cover, but it looks pretty good, especially considering it’s only our second year here. What a difference a year makes! Last year we walked into this huge and hugely populated event having no idea what to expect. And this year, we sort of feel like we have the run of the place.

Rod said he feels like this week could be life changing. I suppose it could be. I almost always feel like I am on the edge of something, so I say, “Amen”… in the traditional sense of “so be it.” Let the life changing week begin…

… after I finish my Oreos and chocolate milk with a cough medicine chaser while watching I Love Lucy. Does life get better than this?!

PS: It could… Bobby and Sharona, WE MISS YOU!

ok, so maybe every other day

We made it through Friday incident-free. It took us about 3 hours, WITH my dad watching the kids, to load the bus. Once on the road, it took me about an hour to put everything away. Yes… a singer, his wife, a teenager, and two babies living in 400 square feet for 10 days. Just imagine.

Rod’s concert was at a great church that holds Friday night singings in the basement, complete with dinner and an open mic time. These are great venues for loud toddlers, and dare I say, talkative senior citizens. I am really protective of my attention when Rod is singing. Like, if Miranda gets hungry, I’d feed her a dust bunny just to keep her quiet (c’mon!). But there was a sweet, scripture-minded lady there that found me and wanted to talk. All night. Well… at least I will get to hear “Walking in the Light” a few times at NQC.

We drove toward Richmond, KY until we were about to pass out (meanwhile, it took Kaity and Miranda FOREVER to reach their sleep points). We spent today with a small Burton family reunion here in Richmond. I was forced to eat carb-laden, buttery, fatty, sugary foods until I could have rolled off to happy land. Then I was forced to leave the babies with Rod, Paige, and the Aunts while I went with cousin Mindy to get a mani/pedi. Yep. Awful day :)

Tomorrow we head to Friche’s for a Big Boy, Walmart Supercenter for just about everything, then to the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center to set up our booth. NQC, here we come!

Heading out to Louisville, KY

We leave tomorrow for a TEN DAY road trip on the bus… Rod, me, Paige, Miranda, and Kaity. It’s going to be interesting to say the least. Rod sings in Indianapolis tomorrow night. Then we head to Richmond, KY (just outside of Lexington) to spend Saturday with his relatives there. None of them have met Kaity yet and several of them are GREAT cooks. Last time we visited there we were doing Atkins and had to miss a lot of homemade biscuits, cobbler, and casseroles. NOT THIS TIME! (Yes, I am bringing my running clothes).

Sunday, we head to Louisville for National Quartet Convention. We will be “expo-ing” there Monday-Saturday, which is basically displaying ourselves and all our wares for 5-6 hours a night while catching up with gospel music friends from all over the country while meeting and networking with new ones. Oh… and possibly eating ‘Aussie chips’ and deep fried SNICKERS. It IS all about the food for me, friends.

The big thing, at least for me, is the Angelic Showcase (more…)

Two weeks? Seriously!

Two weeks since my last post, two weeks until National Quartet Convention.

We had a road trip this past weekend, and we are in full speed ahead NQC prep mode. Hence, not much time to write here. I have stories to share aplenty. Please stay tuned.