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what box?

In May, we attended Kindergarten Open House with Kaity. It involved some things my baby – the youngest of 4 children with ages that span from 5 to 22 – does not appreciate: convention, expectations, being involved in something that her 6 year old sister knows more about, the perception that she has to dress a) fancy or b) like a princess. (And if you are wondering, she did wear her “fancy” shorts…)

This is how it started:


No surprises: she does not always do things like we want her to do or think she should.kinderkk3


However, I gave her space. I stopped trying to take posed pictures. I stopped trying to create a moment and instead, stepped inside her moment. She needed several of them, and then… she was ready to explore her surroundings:



And after a bit, she was ready to embrace them, in her way...IMG_1745 Sometimes I think KK is so very different from me that I don’t know how I will possibly deal with her, much less raise her, to be a productive member of society. And then I pause, and often find that she has taught me all over again. She is actually just like me, in that she has a specific, sometimes “unconventional” way of doing things. The difference is that while I obsess about making that part of me fit into a box, she couldn’t care less about the box.


I want to be more like that when I (finish) grow(ing) up.

what childhood looks like

My girls are lunch-bringers, and for the last few months, I’ve been searching for a perfect array of containers for all their stuff. The unexpected hurdle was finding good, old-fashioned, metal lunchboxes of the right size to fit a thermos and not mildew, rot, or fall apart.

Enter, and the bonus: they have new lunchboxes that reflect something they like and don’t look just like everybody else’s. They were pretty excited.

(They don’t wear their bathing suits to school, but the delivery happened to have come while we were on way to the beach…)
The fact that they hurriedly marked them is proof positive of their 5-and6-year-old excitement.

May you have a simply happy day!

well-balanced days

They are the most exhausting…
…and they are the best.

kk explains it all

Tuesday’s included~

breakfast with husband
talk to Mom
post blog
work, including staff meeting (only time of week we’re all together)
re-connect with a website to do some writing (yay!)
carry on constant text-conversation with IL friends
take kids to library
– and research gluten-free baking and 1200/calorie a day eating
take kids to Sonic Happy Hour (victory! ordered half/half tea)
take kids to grocery store (Dear Jesus, why??)
take kids to butcher shop (I love having a butcher shop)
make kids clean out mini-van
talk to Dad
deal with 2 KK-sized meltdownsranda on porch
start laundry
clean out refrigerator
clean out food-storage area (that was holding misc. junk from our move…in June!)
have dinner with friends (and our kids. One broken glass, 2 spills)
cuddle with kids
put kids to bed
track in MyFitnessPal (ugh! over my calories :( )
find digital recorder
write blog for tomorrow
contemplate whether passive-aggression is A) hereditary B) a sin
fold laundry
converse with husband in full sentences
drink magical Zija tea
go. to. bed


Have a well-balanced Wednesday…. or a restful one.

plenty to love

Yesterday, my Facebook was filled with all kinds of red squares to express opinions on love. I have a lot I could say about it, but I try to sum it up simply. Does it address all the political questions and intellectual details? Nope. But it speaks my heart.

GodI Is Love

Yesterday, my heart swelled with love as the life of my friend’s 13 year old son hung in the balance, and the tide gradually shifted from terrifying to hopeful… and as another friend said goodbye to her sweet mama.

Yesterday, I started taking the time that I always try to during this holy week to reflect on the true greatest love of all. If we model our love after His – laying down our lives for our friends – we can’t go wrong (John 15:13).

Here are some other things I’m loving right now:








happy Wednesday! What are you loving today?

Wordless Wednesday: blue sky thinking

I saw this little T-shirt ad last night. It read, “I wasn’t made for winter! I want my flip flops!”










And with that, I will ignore the chill in our air and focus on the, no…our… signs of spring.

Impromptu trips to the store, in which we stop to look at the lobsters and get to drive the (hated) race cart.
We moved to our new street in the summer. I’m thinking spring is going to be off-the-chart gorgeous there.

Randa feels like rockin’ the shades. All the time…
KK feels like rockin’ all the accessories. And she so can.

Yes. Sometimes we just have to buy overpriced flower pots from the grocery store… because they are yellow and pretty and seem to yell SPRIIIING!

Just like this screams BEACH!!!! and soon will be warm and even more blessedly inviting.