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Remove the IF

Originally posted on my Facebook, Tuesday, 11/2

This is from the New York Times review of Steven Curtis Chapman’s new CD, Beauty Will Rise, which was released today:

The most polished of those tracks, “Heaven Is the Face,” has a corollary in Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven,” except that Mr. Clapton, addressing his departed son, imagined what would happen “if I saw you in heaven.” Mr. Chapman, on song after song, removes that conditional “if.”

Can I get a ‘Hallelujah’ here? I have watched with unending interest and sorrow the journey of the Chapmans since their sweet Maria was lost.. and have also watched in awe at how their faith in God has been so evident and powerful ESPECIALLY when they have been spotlighted by secular media. Here is another shining example. The NYT recognizes that sincere Christian faith has no room for IF! (even if the writer doesn’t know that is what he’s saying…)

Maria IS in Heaven.

Let’s all be *that* sure about ourselves & our families…what a call!



I don’t know if that is a word or not.

I do know that I am an hour and a half away from getting home from the third of three week-long gospel conventions this year, one of which we owned and operated.

To quote Erin Brockovich, or at least the Julia Roberts version of her, I’m really quite tired.

This year was our 3rd NQC and it was so different from the others. We had a lot to do, a lot to see, a lot to talk about and promote. We also, and this is the best part, had so many friends to visit with. The drawback to that of course is that there is not enough time to spend enough time with everyone.

I feel much like we did after Branson GMC was over… exhilirated, on the edge of something. There is SO much I want to do, and more importantly, so much I feel compelled to do.. part of it with the things we’ve already begun, but then there’s more, too.. things I want to write, people I want to reach. I also know that I don’t know what exactly is next; I just feel like life is still drastically and dramatically changing for us.

Or at least it will, after I catch up on laundry, TV premiere week, and please Lord, sleep.


I have so many things to say, stories to tell, memories to capture. To say Branson GMC was ‘worth it all’ would be such an understatement. To say it changed my life and perspective forever might begin to touch it. We are on our way home now, tired, overflowing, emotional, excited. The thing about working for God is that the work is never done. The other thing about it? We’re never alone in it.

To all we met and shared and reunited with this week, you have become forever engraved on our hearts. For all who supported us with words and hugs and food and prayers and time and especially your music Ministries, we thank our Lord for you. Can’t wait for our next ‘Hallelujah Meeting.’

To our friends and family at home, we have so much to testify to when we return. Thank you for sending your prayers and love with us.