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my most recent failures

It’s funny how trained I’ve become as a woman to think that the “I’m failing” stories make me more likeable. – Kelle Hampton

So one month ago, I stopped eating gluten. And for the most part, I have really stopped eating gluten. I also began working my nutrition system again (breakfast drink/tea at night).

And last week, I started tracking my calories again.

On Thursday, I weighed myself and had lost 2 pounds form the beginning of the week.

And this morning, I weighed myself and there they were, again.

Also this morning, I called the pre-school down the street from my church/job and enrolled KK. Just like that. I had already toured it in the fall, when I was weighing options, had met the director, knew the price was right. When I discovered today that they also have an attractive “drop-in” program for the summer, I was hooked. I printed out the forms, filled them out, broke the news to KK (who, though inseparable from me since December 20, basically shrugged), and rode on over to introduce her to the teacher.

Amazingly, I do not feel guilty.


my cool girlsI was just encouraging a friend last week by reminding her: most decisions we make are not forever. We are usually not in circumstances that last forever. I go back and forth and back and forth again with schooling decisions, for example. Our seasons seem to change constantly. I know there was a deep desire in my heart to homeschool, but I also know that was borne when we were traveling constantly and I was surrounded by close friends homeschooling with me. Life has changed. Randa is flourishing in school, and after this 3.5 month experiment, it seems KK needs it to a degree. So for this season, here we go.

For this season, when my ‘spare time’ is a battle of chores vs. errands vs. time with husband vs. time with friends vs. writing vs. reading vs. doing nothing for 20 minutes, it’s hard to find time to work out. And without that, I am not going to significantly lose weight.

…but maybe when I drop KK off at pre-school a few days a week, I can walk/run on the beach for 30 minutes before work. I will be in better shape, and so will my time with KK.


There are some things I am really good at. Keeping in shape? Not one. Teaching my kids to read while updating websites and having work conversations? Not that one either. But that doesn’t make me a failure, nor will I feel guilty about it. But I can bake bread, make event flyers, give awesome hugs, find great restaurants, write glowing somethings-or-other, and love my family quite awesomely. Let’s celebrate our gifts and quit musing on our failures!


weight loss wars and eye-opening walks

A few weeks ago, I posted about my weight loss victories.

Naturally, since that point, I have gained a few pounds back.


What can I blame? Well, my own lack of willpower, I suppose. I had 2 weekends in a row of celebrating, and while I did not completely chow down, I did consume more cheese and chocolate than recommended (by 2 or 3 hundred percent).

I also, unfortunately, allowed my wonderful, cleansing moringa tea by Zija run out before my new shipment got here, which means (sorry) that I’m literally carrying a lot of excess crap around.

And finally, there is the lack of exercise. Our daily schedule has changed and we only have one car, so my opportunities to get to the gym or even better, the beach, are very limited. Exercise at home, even when the girls are at school, is typically thwarted by distractions with names like Laundry, Cleaning, Putting Away, Meal Prep, Baking, Writing, (FB), and most recently, Training And Playing With Iron Max. Shall we pause for the cuteness?~


Last week I finally got over myself and as soon as everyone else left the house in the morning, I put on my shoes, did not pause to put on my makeup (!!!), and took off for a speed walk through our neighborhood.

We have lived here for nine months, and I have never walked further than around the corner before. It was obviously past time I explore. And as usual, when I step outside of my comfort zone, there were a lot of beautiful surprises to see:

quiet stretches of land between homes

sunshine peaking through clouds at various angles

trees, trees, trees… tall, old, wise

I also saw a gorgeous blue bird, but he was too fast for me to capture. He darted off a mailbox, up to this roof, and behind the house.

I thought this quaint little gas lamp was made for a Christmas card, though I kinda hope there’s not ever enough snow here for that sort of fantasy.

I didn’t know this pond was here…

or this quaint sitting area next to it


I paused only long enough to daydream and ponder the idea of home. It has changed so much for me over the years, and especially in these last nine months. I believe in my heart that my home is where my family is, my husband in particular, as our kids have/will move on at some point in their lives. The house we own in Chicago is lived in by others; the house we live in now is owned by someone else. As long as we rent, our ‘house’ is temporary… in fact, as long as we abide on earth, our ‘roots,’ no matter how deep they are, can change in an instant.

I’ve grown accustomed to the unpleasant type of surprises to, so I wasn’t shocked, only disappointed, to see this along my path as well:


But…another thing I’ve learned lately… it’s going to take more than some junk to scare me away.

Things don’t always go how we want them, or how we think we need them. But if we keep taking chances, keep walking forward, keep our eyes open, and remember to focus them upward most of the time, who knows what we will find?

You may say I’m a dreamer…
but if I ever have to go blind, I hope it’s from staring into the sun.

Wordless Wednesday: Weight Loss Effects

Photo Friday: this week

Miranda in the Cinderella Trio

KK the climbing pirate (whaler?)

Introducing Emma to “Kevin” (the blue Fuf)

Cheap Dates (no coins required)

Small victories.

Finally, I was “published” by Entertainment Weekly.

^^This inspired me to SPRINT.

The girls, like their parents, became fans of Donut Man.

TGIF. Next week? Anything can happen.


This morning I stepped on the scale to see something I’ve been wishing for for about a year and a half…


a number below 160.

(ouch. I can’t believe I told you that).

Now, this number wasn’t much under, but it is FOR REAL under.

After stops and starts and frustration and clothes that fit like sausage casings and uncontrollable cravings and stops and starts, I think I found a formula that works for me:

moderate exercise. I will likely never run a marathon, but I like walking on the beach more than just about anything, and I do enjoy the gym when I can actually get there (my membership was a lovely gift, but the gym itself is neither near or on the way to any place else for us, so it’s gotten harder to get to…)

– eating more naturally. I haven’t given up Velvetta yet. But other than occasional pasta and some chips, I am not eating chemical-‘enhanced’ foods. If we want it, I make it. We are also eating out way less than we ever have. Whether this is directly tied to weight loss doesn’t matter. It’s just healthier.

the blues. Ok, I don’t recommend this, but the fact is, my feeling lonely, discouraged, and isolated is no longer helped by eating. It has finally gone the other way for me: I just don’t find a lot of joy in eating during this season of life. And for that, I am glad…social, stress, and reward eating are dangerous addictions, and for the last few years, I have had all three. Learning to enjoy/cope/navigate/ these conditions without LOOK!FOOD! is a life change for the better. I hope I make it stick.

– ZIJA.  About 6 months ago, my friends Jon and Julie introduced me to a system that has become a lifestyle for them. Zija is a combination of a morning energy/nutritional drink, appetite suppressants, and a cleansing tea. I started in December and actually lost 5 pounds over the holidays! I gained a little back during our Disney trip, but am on track again. It is working so well for me. (click here to learn more)

I still have 20 pounds before I am official pre-pregnancy weight. My next goal is to lose another 9.5, though…and to find cute jackets that I can actually button. The picture above is me in June 2007 at 150. I was pregnant with Kaity here but wouldn’t know for a few days…and we were on vacation in Myrtle Beach. This was at the Hard Rock Cafe (celebrating Josh’s 16 birthday), and Randa was 7 months old. Be still, my heart.

And be loose, my jeans.