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The Mom Song

We returned home for the second time today – a 16+ hour work day that included a disappointing pre-school visit and thankfully some time with the kids! – to find that the ceiling in the girls’ room is leaking. The top bunk – where KK sleeps – was soaked through the mattress.

Luckily, she was all too happy to snuggle next to Randa.

Luckily, we have Paige.

Luckily, tomorrow should be a shorter, less hectic day.

Even so, I thought of this song. Seems like a good time to post it. Hats off my fellow mamas!

(Well, and daddies…and very helpful big sisters…)

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This week

I went to the ocean twice.

The girls went to the neighborhood pool twice.

I put my parents on a plane twice.

I said goodbye a few more times.

I made tour appointments at two preschools.

I gave 2 interviews and set up a press conference that people want to come to.

I ‘read my own press’ and decided most people who comment on news stories are mean.

I got psyched for Branson.


I started counting calories, again. 10 down pounds by Branson?
(’cause I organized my closet, and seriously, if that happens I have a LOT of clothes!)

I bought and bartered for radio time for Branson. Are we there yet?

I unpacked about a dozen more boxes. Yikes. Behind there.

I cooked dinners.

I tried and liked Dollar General.

We found a park, a library, a church to try, and some shortcuts.

The gas price dropped every day. (South Carolina, yo!)

I watched Chicago lose, again.

I played catch with Kaity, mitts and all.

I missed home.

But this felt like home, too.

I didn’t talk to my old friends enough,

nor did I make new ones (and I don’t really feel ready yet).

I watched Miranda turn bronzer and older by the minute.

I watched Paige do what she does…adjust with a smile on her face.

I watched Rod be happier than I’ve seen him in a long time.

I watched Kaity run everywhere, smelled her new smell (it’s beach with her, all the time)…and stood in awe while watching her fly.

I wonder what comes next week.


The next few weeks (after tonight)

Over the next few weeks, I will search ~

for a new church, a few filler furniture pieces for my new home, time, peace, a pre-school, new doctors, a great grocery store, those cute little mom-and-pop restaurants that are better than the chains, the quickest route to the beach, new friends, and perhaps most importantly, the best way to stay in touch with ‘old’ friends.

I will mourn ~

for a life I am leaving behind, not just the 34 years of geographical familiarity, not just the loved ones no more than an hour away, not just the sights and streets and faces that are extentions of me, but my way of life as a stay-at-home mom for the last wonderful 4.5 years.

I will execute~

because there is a lot to be done. A party, a recital, a girl graduating high school, a MOVE, a new home, exciting new jobs, a revival in Branson. And I am very, very excited about all of these things.

I will emote~

because I am currently experiencing about every emotion there is to have.

But tonight~

I will thank Him, for giving His amazing life for my tiny one, for loving me, blessing me, forgiving me, protecting me, and sending me.

Jesus would have died for me had I been the only one.

Same for you.

And He rose for all of us.


Where I am tonight