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rest insured

I have had this weird eye thing going on all week. Allergies? Eczema? Pink eye? Mad Kel disease? I can’t be sure. All I know is there have been un-lovely and relentless combinations of dryness, oozing, redness, itching, and burning since Sunday morning. And I look ridiculous, although today is much, much better.

I should probably get it checked out but I have been self-diagnosing and treating. Eye drops, eye gel, changing make-up, cold compress, Vaseline, cucumber eye pads, actually wearing my glasses. I can’t be sure what is working and what isn’t, but it is progressively getting better. This is how we roll.

We have been without health insurance for nearly two years. During that time, our family’s list of ailments (non-medical terms here, folks) have included swine flu*, back-thrown-out*, the ‘roids, boils, asthma, bruised teeth, a dramatic/traumatic and prolonged lice outbreak, UTI*, almost-broken tailbone, intestinal issues, Vitamin D deficiency (but not since we moved to a sunny place, yo!), bronchitis, sinus infections, asthma-related-symptoms, allergies, weed-whacking-whilst-barefoot accidents, and weird-eye-issues… All things that would have previously sent us to Well Group. This time, only the *’d instances did.

I’m sure I missed a few. And I sure am grateful for all the things that are not on that list.

We have made a total of 5 doctor visits during that period: one for me, one for Rod, one for KK, and two for the girls’ immunizations. Health care is expensive. And it is often very, very frustrating. When combined with us moving away from our wonderful pediatrician, my beloved lady doctor, and Rod’s trusted GP, the very idea of needing medical care becomes scary and uncomfortable.

I have not taken for granted that while we haven’t had health insurance, God has provided for our health.

A few nights ago, my husband left a present for me on my pillow. It was a health care brochure. Explaning benefits. That will soon be ours. Blessed insurance, Jesus is mine!

I can remember, prior to June 30, 2010, being on the phone arguing over denied claims and messed up claims. I remember getting bills for hospital stays thinking, Thank God for health insurance. I am not knowledgeable about how health care should work, why it seems Obamacare isn’t going to work, or why self-employed people or small businesses seem to get completely jacked when it comes to coverage. But I do know that as soon as Rod’s new insurance kicks in, I’m going to shout!

And perhaps, a la Joey, “get all the free operations I want.”

10 months in Chicagolina

10 months ago, we came to stay.

we thought we knew the who, what, why, when, where, and how of our Big Move.

Turns out, we only knew the wherehere.
And the only who we could have been sure of was each other.

We’re still here. Some people who know us seem surprised by that. In fact, some people who live here thought we left, and some who live “back home” thought we’d return. But we haven’t. We’re here.

In ten months, we have fallen in love with the beach, new friends, our church, our street, the weather, some of the food, and the teeny-little accents our girls have on certain words.

In ten months, I have been annoyed to my limit by the gas station cashiers, the bank, the local news, and most of all, the “delis,” (seriously. Why no ‘pick a number’ system? Why no Krakus ham? Why no moving any faster than a half-dead turtle? Why? WHY?) but in the grand scheme, that’s not too bad.

In ten months, we have learned things we didn’t expect, survived things for which we were not prepared, dealt with some of the biggest disappointments, struggles, and anxiety of our lives, questioned ourselves at least 10 thousand times, and decided to stay.

We will continue to stroll, crawl, climb through the sand and sometimes the dunes, but we know we’re here because we are meant to be. My heart – well, it still exists mainly in two places, and that’s ok. At least I have a cool name for it.


so much more

In case you need a reminder today

(and I know I do)

You are made for so much more than all of this.

Just when I thought I’d hit my frustration plateau with some stuff, I was brought to a new level yesterday. I guess my husband was, too…. because while he was musing about getting off the back row, I was pondering welcome mats in front of barricades. We are a pair of lovely walking metaphors right now. But our vision is getting clearer, and we’re remembering that, too, were made for so much more.

{And pretty soon I’ll stop being so vague about that}.

there’s a new kid in town

It’s been kinda quiet in our house since we moved…quieter neighborhood, fewer roommates, less traffic, and no Sammie Dawg.

I keep getting told NO about having another baby, so Rod finally said yes to a dog! No sooner than that decision was reached than some friends of ours were looking for a new home for this little man:

The timing was perfect. I got my baby boy, the girls got a new friend, and Max (whom we slightly renamed Maximus after this Disney character, but we’re still pretty much calling him Max, or Maxie, or Maxie MooMoo) gets to make our home feel a little crazy again.

Why yes, that is KK using the leash like a slingshot…

Randa tries to carry him everywhere.

I call this The Princess and The Dog.

I’m not sure yet if his master is going to be me or KK.

Right now, this sweet puppy is at my feet under the desk. It sounds kind of silly, but he is filling some needs for me that I didn’t know I had. I missed having an extra ‘person’ in the house. Even though Sammie has never been here with us, I still find myself expecting her to follow me, greet us at the door, or try to escape when we open the door! I need some noise, some security and extra eyes, a constant buddy and playmate for my girls, and a little reminder that love is the most valuable resource we can give.

Welcome home to our newest Burton.