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Leggo my fake-Eggo

One of my two Black Friday purchases (both ordered from Amazon whilst I wore my jammies), was a waffle maker.

Randa Rose looooves her some waffles in the morning. And because I am a good mom, I used to buy Eggos. And because I am a health-conscious mom, for awhile I bought Simply Eggos, because they were made from wholesome ingredients and not preservatives. And because I am a frugal mom, I wasn’t too disappointed when I couldn’t find those anymore, because there were more expensive. And alas, because I am an online-savvy mom, I bought my sweet little red waffle maker for a steal. (I don’t remember how much. That was 2 very full weeks ago).

I thought it would be a no-brainer, that I’d mix up a batch of batter that would leap from the pages of my 22 year old copy of Better Homes and Gardens cookbook into the greased plates of the waffle iron and magically transform into what Eggos tasted like when I was a kid.

Instead, for 2 batches now, I’ve gotten uneven, slightly doughy, not overly tasty squares with divets.

Randa… Looooves them.

Apparently, waffles are a matter of trial and error as well as personal taste. I have now made 2 batches and am testing different oils, different ways to grease the plates, and my own patience. We will have homemade, healthy waffles that taste better than the stupid, marked-up Eggos if it’s the last thing I do.

You’re sensing all the metaphors, right? Because I am way too tired tonight to spell them out for you.

But I am holding up a syrupy fork to you, dear reader. Here’s to do-overs and sweet additions that make plain ol’ nothings taste better.


For the longest time, we were either travelling or working on Saturdays.

It taught us to really, really love Saturdays at home.

Today Miranda had “the coolest birthday party ever,” at Build-a-Bear (and she got to BUILD a reindeer!), so since we had to drive all the way up to Broadway at the Beach, KK got to pick what she wanted to do. And she picked the “rides.” That kid. So for 12.50, she rode 4 lame little carnival rides…and smiled big the whole time.

KK & I half-crashed the party by catching up with it at Ben & Jerry’s. We didn’t sit with the group or eat the cake, but we did get ice cream. The first time I ever had Ben & Jerry’s was at my friend Shelly’s house in junior high. It was chocolate chip cookie dough. I always love to try new things, but today I went back to basics. That was one good cone.

When we got home, Rod had accomplished a bunch of little things around the house… diagnosing the Noise in the Van (new brakes Tuesday…), changing filters, throwing out the rotten pumpkin, and training Max to bark and poop ONLY in the neighbor’s yard. Just kidding. But I sort of want to (that’s another story). (and the neighbors on the other side are awesome).

We decided to cook out, and for this, I needed to go to the store for More Pork Chops. Then I decided I needed to take advantage of some sales. So I asked for 30 minutes to “coupon” (Yes. The verb. Who am I?) Mostly, I wanted to take advantage of a sale on Butterball turkey, ’cause the day is coming! Anyway, I felt so good about my planning and purchases that I decided to take my first Couponing Picture. I am nowhere near the extreme or champion money-savers, but I saved about as much as I spent, and I feel pretty good about that. Everything in the photo above (including 14 pound turkey) = 41.55. Rod’s thumbs-up was free.

Turns out we ran out of gas, and nothing stops a cookout quicker than that. All this meant was I had to fry the pork chops instead. Allow me to pause and say:
1) My husband is one lucky man.
2) These baked potatoes were perfect.
3) The rub I use for grilled pork chops is also good when mixed with flour to fry them:

Pork Rub
1 teaspoon each:
Chili powder
Garlic powder

– Mix together, rub. Or mix together with 2 cups flour for batter. Should be enough for 2 pounds. Hardly counts as a recipe, but we all love it.

Sigh. Is there anything more civilized after dinner than a nice cup of coffee? I allowed myself to buy fake creamer because I had a coupon, and because, well, salted caramel….

My traveling man had a long, hard week and is facing another. This was nap #2 today.

He will wake up in time to take me to see this. Craig. Daniel Craig. I mean, um, the new Bond movie.

~happy weekend!

may I always remember

…that on Tuesday, October 16, 2012, after four straight hours of driving me insane, KK prayed this prayer at bedtime:

Thank You, God, for this day. Help us to always be nice so our family can always be safe. Amen.

She might have spilled her body weight in milk and potato chips on the floor, she might have been pretending to stab her eye out with a pirate flag only minutes before, but the words of her little heart are a reminder to her mama that she is, in fact, getting what she needs. Amen.