Category: a day in the crazy life

With every passing hour…

We’re trying to keep it light around here.

Our walls are just about BARE. Photos, all 8 million of them, packed.

We move out of this house on April 30.

As of right now, we still don’t know where we’ll be living. (though we’re grateful for options, and the bus, and options…)

I can’t imagine how sick my husband is of my yelling, “IS THIS THE CALL?!?!?!” every time the phone rings.

Anyway. We have a dream. It’s to leave this “tower.” Before we’re inclined to jump off!

One more day

As I find myself constantly in “maybe tomorrow we’ll know” mode, this song from my FAVORITE MUSICAL EVER-EVER-EVER popped into my head. And thanks to YouTube, we can enjoy this most wonderful version of it – featuring original cast members from Les Miserables’ initial London production. Yes, if you think I try to sing along with everyone at the same time, you are right.

And if you think I might actually be praying the words, “Tomorrow we’ll discover what our God in Heaven has in store,” well, you’d be right about that, too. I pray it for us all.