facebook opinionsEvery once in a while, in this social media age when we’ve all become “published writers,” I have to sit back and ask myself whether the “world” really needs to know my public statement on any one particular issue.

When it comes to some issues in particular, I do steer clear of the SYNDROME of posting my opinion. The fact is, many of the issues that incite people are much more nuanced than they are given credit for in statuses or 140-character posts that have become the bumper-sticker theology of our time.
Mostly, I can only take a platform based on who I am:
I believe in Jesus.
I believe in love.
I believe in the Bible as God’s holy word.
I believe most people have mostly pure intentions and don’t set out to hurt others.
I believe humans make mistakes – in interpreting God’s word, in their own behavior, and in how we treat others with whom we disagree.
So when it comes to the confederate flag or gay marriage or gun laws, I do have very strong opinions. I am pigeonholed to some expectations because of the labels assigned to me. I don’t post about my opinions. I do, however, enjoy conversations about them.
I will say this today:
The law of the land and the law of God are two different things. I find it an exercise in futility to expect one to mirror the other.
– The law of God was FULFILLED by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. No man or woman could live up to the law as it was handed down. That is why we need Jesus.
– God is God, and He doesn’t need me or anyone else to “defend” Him. Through His son Jesus, He instructed me to love Him and love my neighbors.
Behind the flags – with blue crisscrosses or rainbows on them – are peopleEach of those flags represents different life experiences. We cannot assume to know the hearts behind a cause or a symbol. To most southern people I know, the confederate flag does not equal hate. And to every gay person I know, the right to be married is not a rebellion or a conspiracy.
I wish before people MADE THEIR OPINIONS KNOWN, they would consider the value and affect of said opinion. Does it show love? Does it help anyone? Indeed, does it matter?
The best way we can affect change in our world, regardless of our opinions, is by our behavior and our treatment of others. Words are words. They can tear down or build up, but at the end of the day, it is our actions that speak.
Let me speak love.