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kelly burton 2013I’m Kelly {Capriotti Burton}. I’m half-Italian, half-Irish, and learning to conquer the temper and sarcasm that comes with that background, thank you very much. I watched thirtysomething when it was in first-run, and now as a 30-something, I strive to make my life a little less dramatic. I succeed about half the time.

The first half of my 30s was all about growing into myself… I learned to be comfortable in my skin (even if it has 20-30 extra pounds in it), happy with my talents (even if they don’t include singing like Trisha Yearwood or Frances Ruffelle), confident as a mama and stepmom, and totally unapologetic for the Big Love I have for my best friend and husband, Rod.

The second part of my 30s has thus far been about embracing the lesson of Sometimes Most times, what you think is your destination is really just a… direction.” That is, in early 2011, we uprooted our 3 daughters, left our son and 34 years of my life in Illinois behind, and moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for warmer weather, proximity to ocean, and “perfect” jobs for each of us that… ended before they really began.

After that fall (& a pretty darn cool bounce back), I look at almost everything differently. My entries about moving, adjusting, disappointments, and change are tagged with “The inevitability of change.” It is breathtaking…but there still is wind in these sails.

These days I am on staff at a life-changing church and working on new dreams, daily…

Other fun tidbits…


In 2005, the same time I started and ended a high school teaching career and right before our miracle baby came to us, Rod revived his ministry as a gospel singer . It continued as we, ahem, gave birth to the Branson Gospel Music Revival, a three year, award-winning festival in a fabulous Missouri town where we made friends for life and had some serious church! During that period, we were honored to travel to Colombia with Compassion International, and I met some pretty amazing people during two years as Editor-In-Chief of an online gospel magazine. I have also written for Absolutely Gospel, appeared over at incourage, and am always looking for new places to showcase my work.

The most important partnership Rod and I have is still parenting, and we are proud and slightly harried parents of four:

allkids– my bonus son, Josh, is 23 and moved to Myrtle Beach with his now-wife, Kirsten, a year after we did. They are fabulous partners for movie nights and cheese plates, and they baby-sit sometimes, too. What a great reminder that kids grow up and become your friends!

– my bonus daughter is Paige, 20 year old, lives in North Carolina persuing her college education and ministry experience. She is also the rockingest big sister ever and for a long time fondly referred to as our Glue.

– Miranda Rose, our Randa, is the miracle baby brought to us after we were told by a fertility specialist “forget about it.” She is now 7, loves to dance, loves being a Princess, loves mothering others, has quickly adapted to the sweet-and-sassy nuances of being a southern Bell, and amazes me every day with her kind and generous smile…and her amazing “I’m one-sixteenth-Cherokee” tan!

– Kaitlyn Emma… KK… is a ninja, the bonus baby whose impending arrival snuck up on us when Randa was only 7 months old. When she was a newborn, I imagined a quiet and feminine little ‘Birdie.’ I have never been more wrong! At 6, she is stylish, confident, musical, smart, strong, and will either love you to pieces or beat you to pieces, depending on her mood.
…they are 15 months apart and talk 15 miles a minute!

In February 2014, we found out we were expecting a new little life. As quickly as we embraced the idea of having a baby again, that baby was lost to us. We have named this angel David James. We love him. We cannot wait to see him someday.

A new little love is expected to arrive in January 2015!

Elsewhere in this life, I love my great, big Italianish family, my varied and wonderful friends, movie dates, music (especially live or especially from the late ’80s/early ’90s…or Broadway… or Johnny Cash…), cooking, coffee, the BEACH, Mexican food, reading EVERYTHING I can, and writing every chance I get.

I strive to be healthier. For me, that looks like losing this 30 extra pounds. Recently, it also means navigating a gluten-free way of life for Rod, who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in March 2013.

I love Jesus. I love Jesus outside the box that religion puts Him in, but not so far outside that I don’t believe that through our relationship with the Savior, we should strive for holiness. Also, I refuse to be pigeonholed because I follow Christ. Labels suck, y’all.

I blog about all the above, plus the occasional movie, song, trip to Disney World, and head lice infestation. It’s fun. Really.

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