#100happydays#100happydays is a Facebook challenge.

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I decided to assign this one to myself today because I felt it first. I felt it when my phone pinged after a crazy day at work and cancelled plans for after, no plan for dinner and no nap (still hanging on to the last days of first trimester, y’all). I looked and saw my friend Deanna’s words

I discretely snapped this for you.

What was it she snapped? A photo of my daughters’ pediatrician in Illinois during her kids’ own visit. Oh, how we loved Dr. C.! And how we miss him. He was so fabulous… had three daughters of his own, never panicked or gave us trendy advice, always smiled and spent time with us, and when we were losing our health insurance, made sure we had plenty of samples for Kaity’s nebulizer.

We have a good doctor here, but when you spend 2 straight years of well visits and plenty of sick ones with your little almost-Irish-twins, you grow attached.

That Deanna knew the picture would make me smile, possibly make my day… well, that is pretty fabulous too.

Feeding the birds leftover tortillas at Chipotle
Feeding the birds leftover tortillas at Chipotle

I think we often equate a happy result with a grand gesture… planning, formality, fanciness, bigness. And then, when we look back at the times we spend preparing The Grand, the effort was often more draining than the result deserved. Or perhaps, the process was happier than the outcome.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the simple. Look at your day. What moments made you smile? What notions made you laugh? Did you give anyone a hug or an encouraging word? Did you appreciate anything you saw in nature? Did you listen to your favorite song one time? Did you call a friend or hold your husband’s hand?

It doesn’t have to take much. It doesn’t take much. When I look around and see dissatisfaction or even misery in our first-world experience, it is usually due to unrealistic expectations or misplaced energy.

A trip to Target... Randa's not in pain. She's singing, I think :)
A trip to Target… Randa’s not in pain. She’s singing, I think :)

So I take the challenge of 100 days. I accept the opportunity to find pleasure in one of my favorite Friends episodes being on at bedtime, or my child saying something completely hilarious first thing in the morning… to be satisfied by a family outing to Target on a Sunday night or to be fulfilled by a 4-text conversation with a faraway friend.

Happiness is accessible. It is simple. It is a choice.

Take the challenge with me. And clap along…!