After three days of profound thanks, I’m ready for a little fun…

I’m thankful KK does not eat the red Skittles, because I get them all.

I’m thankful for Randa’s pretty good British accent, because, well, I am obsessed with British accents (just ask my Giles, I mean…Siri).

I’m thankful Rod and I are no longer the only Christian couple we know with a Jerry Springer-esque background. Holla to the sinners saved by grace!

IMG_4194I’m thankful for moments in movies that are tied to specific memories for me. Today on my day at home, I popped in Sex and the City and was immediately transformed to Hollywood Boulevard with my BFF Jen. I didn’t watch the TV show, so I remember each time she leaned over to give me backstory, how she giggled every time Charlotte said something cute, how we found the same lines to be cheesy, and what I would give to see a movie with her on a regular old Monday night again.

Ooops. I guess this did get a little serious.

I’m thankful that I have 3 adult “kids” in my life who are good for walks on the beach, lunch dates, and good conversation.

And because I’ve recently realized that good conversation is the love language of my current season, I’m grateful there are so many good talkers in my life. Church office peeps, I’m looking at (and laughing with) you. Texting friends, you TOO! Keep those ecards and random observations comin’!

I love these things!
I love these things!

I’m thankful that KK and Randa are almost to a reasonable age, and though our conversations are only about 25% interesting or coherent at this point {sorry, perfect mommies, if this appalls you, but I don’t find playground politics scintillating…} I’m thankful that while we wait for that gap to close, the other 75% of what they do is pretty darn adorable, and usually amusing.

I’m thankful my husband still looks at me as though I am either Lucy Ricardo in the chocolate factory or Brooke Shields in her Calvins.

I’m thankful my mom and I talk on the phone pretty much every day.

I’m thankful our neighborhood gave out FANTASTIC chocolate candy for Halloween.

I’m thankful for Netflix and iDevices of all kinds.

I’m thankful for movie marathons with myself, my hubs, and/or my kids. This weekend, we introduced them to Ghostbusters (timeless humor! TIME-LESS!) and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

I’m thankful that being Harry Potter fans is not going to send us to hell.IMG_4739

I’m thankful that the next two weekends will be the relative calm before a particularly crazed holiday season, and so we will have quality family time to put up our Christmas decorations.

I’m thankful that it does not matter one bit when people decide to put up their Christmas decorations.

I’m thankful that even though some sarcasm still exists in this girl, God is refining me to be kinder, more compassionate, slower to anger, and usually, well more often than not, considering my words before I ZING.

I’m thankful that it’s ok to have fun and be happy. There is a lot that is wrong in this world, but there is still a whole lot is right.