rod fall 2013We’ve gotten to the point where we can joke about it, how I never liked high school boys when I was in high school, how I always wanted to be married, how Mer and Der and Liv and Fitz have to be based a little bit on us…

But the truth is, getting to where we are was no laughing matter, and sometimes, living the dream doesn’t feel very fun. Thankfully, the rest of the truth is that the days we laugh until we cry and the days we fight until we laugh are equally important in our journey together.

We raised kids.
We’re raising kids.
We achieved dreams.
We watched dreams die.
We longed for peace.
We live in peace.
We started as best friends.
We became even better friends,
We hold on.
We don’t even think of letting go.

In a time of thankfulness, I consider the profound as well as the mundane, but he…oh, he, is the constant, the rhythm, the rock. To me, he is larger than life, the presence in every room, the quiet voice in my head, the one who gave me children when I longed for them, gives me faith when mine fails me, and cheers for my climb even as he steadies my ladder.

These days, we are more likely to experience a hurried moment surrounded by dirty dishes than a stolen moment in a romantic corner, but that does not change the star of my show, the dashing hero, the handsome love interest, the dear, dear husband.