randa_3monthsWhen I was waiting to have a baby and couldn’t (either because of circumstance or infertility), I loved hearing other people’s birth stories. I wanted to know all about the poignant, the painful, the gross, the unexpected, and the miraculous.

Even more, I love having a birth story. Miranda’s is a little more “exciting” than Kaity’s.. and the short of it is that seven years ago tonight, our little miracle girl turned completely over in my womb while we watched and didn’t know what we were watching), our first nurse didn’t realize her head wasn’t downward, and five hours after being admitted to the hospital, my first born came via c-section.

It’s not the birth story I wanted, but she is the baby I always wanted. And now she is a little girl growing – growing – growing much too fast, just like our love for her gets bigger every day.