Every year for Christmas, I make photo books for our daughters.

Today was the day I compiled them for Randa & KK. I’ve learned a bit about how to theme them, group photos, and weed through hundreds of easy-to-take-with-my-phone sweet, fun, and silly moments from the year… but it is still hard to whittle it down to 20ish pages.

I’m so thankful for the memories made in 2013.memories3

~ for friends who had us over or invited us out.
~ for people who came to this very state for a visit.
memories1~ for the amazing Capriotti family reunion  in June.
~ for that trip to Chicagoland back in the New Year (I can’t believe it’s been that long)
memories4~ for neighbors who became friends
~ for friends who became family
memories2~ for family who shared summer Friday nights at Chipotle and summer Wednesday nights at Movies Under the Stars and a whole lot of other times.

I took a break from this project long enough to frame the girls’ new school pictures. This is always its own stroll down memory lane as I lay out all their older photos and compare the babies that used to be to the little girls who are growing so very quickly:randa2013

randa-memorieskk-memories  kk2013

…I’m thankful for these smiles being captured, and for the hope of more memories to be made. Our best days are still ahead!