IMG_4118 Friday nights, we usually do something with our whole {local} family.

Saturdays can be anything.. nothing, house work, church events, gatherings with friends, beach, or a combination.

Sundays are all about church…and usually lunch… and hopefully some rest after that, but whatever it is, they are normally very full, draining, and happy.

IMG_3832When we first moved to South Carolina, weekends were sad. We had gotten so used to traveling for many of them – or being relieved to be home. And here, we knew no one to hang with at first, and no where besides the touristy places to go.

But they are fun again. I like being home. I have satisfaction in the quiet and calm {mostly} just as I do in the throws of a social scene.

Today we cooked a big breakfast for our girls and their friend. Then I cooked lunch for some friends (and the same recipe for our dinner) and baked a little. We visited with those friends, fed ducks, even went swimming, had ice cream, stopped at the store, finished a few chores, and watched a movie with the big kids after the littles were in bed. In spite of missing a phone call (but the voice mail made my day!), and another opportunity for the girls to party (at the local Ho Ho Hoedown!) it was a well balanced, lovely Saturday.

Hope you had the same~