I am grateful for…

…being self-published, so if I don’t have much to say, I just don’t
….friends who understand and friends who don’t
…Sonic limeades
…my puppy, even when he is smelly

…my daughter-in-law (that sounds so weird)/my friend’s perfect-sounding new job
…that this brrrrcold front will only be here for one day
…living next door to the cutest little 6 month old boy in the world
The Blacklist
…our awesome comfortable couch that was purchased from consignment at the exact price we sold our old couches for
the sound of my daughters reading
…that I knew more than 5 people at tonight’s PTA meeting

plan disney
…that it looks like next year will include more travel than this one. I’ve become quite the homebody, but sometimes I miss going.
Thor: The Dark World. It was quite entertaining.
…fun conversations about movies and TV
…thoughtful conversations about much deeper things
…my husband‘s adorableness when he’s watching Kentucky basketball, doing the dishes, troubleshooting a work problem, or brushing our girls’ hair
the beach is still there, even if I haven’t seen it in 2 weeks