When it comes to holidays and rituals and traditions, every family has their own preferences, and they usually come from every family’s own baggage and the desire to do things better than how it was done to them.

Our holiday ‘ideals’ center around a few basics. We don’t want them to be overly fussy. We don’t want to emphasize presents. We always want to include people who might not have somewhere to go.


We do Santa in a pretty breezy way… There are cookies and notes, but not a lot of focus. Mama and Daddy give the gifts. We decorate early, again, because we don’t want to spend the season being busy, but enjoying it.

We blend Thanksgiving into Christmas with our sweet Randa’s birthday pretty much kicking off the whole thing. And since sometimes her day is near Thanksgiving, sometimes not, sometimes we have out of town guests, sometimes not… It never looks the same. That’s part of the fun. A few years ago we began to commemorate Hanukkah, as the girls’ grandpa is Jewish. We love it all. It all celebrates God. We love to celebrate His light and love.

We do not jump up and down yelling about the Reason For The Season…or that it should be called Christmas and not the Holidays, because we live a faith and Jesus centered life with our kids daily. And frankly, in this day and age, if someone wishes me a happy holiday rather than avoiding eye contact or honking their horn at me for not going the millisecond the light turns green, I’m feeling pretty good about life.

This year, we’re placing more emphasis on time together and giving to others. We are going to enjoy the anticipation of a family wedding. And we’re going caroling! I’m stoked. I’ve always wanted to carol in my flip flops when it’s 70 degrees out.

Chicagolina Christmas #3… Bring it on.