Truth is, for the last 4 summers, their mama has been preoccupied with other things…

2009 – Branson Gospel Music Convention (& lots of roadtrips)
2010 – Branson Gospel Music Revival (& lots of roadtrips)
2011 – Moving to a new state, starting new jobs (Mommy’s official ‘return to work’) at a new business, & Branson Gospel Music Revival
2012 – Moving to a new house, starting a new preschool/daycare, starting new jobs (& another new business)

Yeah. We’re done with all that.

Now that my kids are 5 and 6 years old, they are not as portable. They have opinions and desires. Thankfully, they do not look at the past 4 summers with the amount of stress and guilt that I do.

This summer, I have declared, with all the grandiose-ness of a child myself, will be The BEST summer ever!

It started with a visit from 23 of our closest relatives and our own staycation… cousins, slumber parties, Myrtle Beach attractions, plenty of pool and beach.

cousins swings cousins cousins shopping with gramma

It continued with a fun Father’s Day weekend with Gramma and Papa.

state park medieval times
It is further commenced by the opening of one of our Favorite Places In The World, Chipotle!

best chips and guac in the world Chipotle!

And it is filled with plenty of little treasures, like Party!Lights! and lanterns on the patio, spontaneous visits from friends and neighbors, small-town-feel baseball games, ice cream for breakfast, free movie mornings, and whatever else we can get into.

IMG_2247 IMG_2088 IMG_2346 IMG_2308 IMG_2282     party lights!

Happy Summer, friends. Here’s to the simple bliss of togetherness.