14 years ago
I moved out of my parents’ house permanently (third time total) and into my own apartment. I had a new ‘career’ job and a new car. It was a scary, somewhat dark time in life. I was 22…able to care for my own financial needs, a little cuckoo when it came to everything else. Thank God for His protection.

12 years ago
I moved out of that apartment into my own condo. I signed a mortgage contract that legally recognized me as a “single woman,” and though that was not where I wanted to be, I was like, “Booya! I am 24 and buying my own home!” I also adopted my first cat…sweet, beautiful, 5 year-old Raymie. Neither of us slept that night. It might have been the moving food (aka, White Castles).

3 years ago
We put our house up for sale on a sunny Saturday morning in Homewood, Illinois.
In Nashville, Tennessee, where we were planning to move, there was a horrible flood that wiped out historic places and many homes and businesses.
We celebrated my Dad’s 65th birthday with a fab party.

2 years ago
After 2 days of emptying our house, Rod and I dropped our babies with Mom & Dad and drove our moving truck with trailer to our new home in Conway, SC. Rod’s back was out. We knew no one. Our brother-friend from 2 hours away came with a friend of his and emptied our entire household into our garage.

1 year ago
After our initial ‘dreams’ in South Carolina were all shattered, Rod and I were in the middle of starting a new theatre, moving our church, planning to move our home (about 45 minutes away to Murrells Inlet), and both starting new jobs. In that madness, I took the girls for a visit to Chicago. Good for the soul.

Yesterday, we helped some friends move who were in kind of a desperate situation. It seemed fitting to ‘pay it forward’ in this way. I have no idea why I moved on May 1st so many times :) We currently are renewing our lease for a year, and we’ll see what happens from there. I won’t see Chicago again until almost August, but I will see my Dad, the birthday boy, and the rest of my family (yaaaaaaay!) in 37 days when they come for a beach vacation/family reunion.

Life rarely ever goes as planned. It used to bother me and worry me and make me second guess. I’m learning that it is simply…life. We will keep moving along, rolling with the punches, and all those other cliche but true things.

Happy May.


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