They are the most exhausting…
…and they are the best.

kk explains it all

Tuesday’s included~

breakfast with husband
talk to Mom
post blog
work, including staff meeting (only time of week we’re all together)
re-connect with a website to do some writing (yay!)
carry on constant text-conversation with IL friends
take kids to library
– and research gluten-free baking and 1200/calorie a day eating
take kids to Sonic Happy Hour (victory! ordered half/half tea)
take kids to grocery store (Dear Jesus, why??)
take kids to butcher shop (I love having a butcher shop)
make kids clean out mini-van
talk to Dad
deal with 2 KK-sized meltdownsranda on porch
start laundry
clean out refrigerator
clean out food-storage area (that was holding misc. junk from our move…in June!)
have dinner with friends (and our kids. One broken glass, 2 spills)
cuddle with kids
put kids to bed
track in MyFitnessPal (ugh! over my calories :( )
find digital recorder
write blog for tomorrow
contemplate whether passive-aggression is A) hereditary B) a sin
fold laundry
converse with husband in full sentences
drink magical Zija tea
go. to. bed


Have a well-balanced Wednesday…. or a restful one.