or rather,
The Top 10 Details That May or May Not Have Been Completely, Documentary-Level Accurate But That I Totally Loved About The Bible Miniseries.

1. Noah telling the creation story to his family while on the arc. Historically, perhaps not (though we do not know that just because it wasn’t yet recorded that God didn’t share the knowledge with Noah. They were on good terms). It was a creative way to begin this epic tale, and it was a sweet rendering of the family unit God chose to save when He destroyed the whole rest of the world.

2. I love how so many iconic figures were shown in their flaws… Sarah and Abraham, David, Samson. I love how there was a sympathetic lean to some of those we might think of as villains or weaklings (Delilah, Zedekiah, Judas)…. lest we ever forget, all of them were humans.Jesus Loves You

3. Jesus was full of love. It is so simple and obvious, yet often overlooked. I love that He was depicted as a true friend, a son who loved his mother, a man who was heartbroken over the troubles of others.

4. Mary Magdalene hanging with the disciples… Yeah. That would have been me :)

5. The passion and crucifixion was bound to have comparisons to The Passion of the Christ. I think for a made-for-TV product, it was just right. The goriness factor was obviously turned down, but two aspects of Diogo Morgado’s performance made the suffering palpable to me: his constant trembling, and his crawling to the cross. Ugh. I can barely type those words.

6. The use of satan was spot-on… subtle, shadowy, menacing, but not interfering. Isn’t it like him, to appear in the background and make us lose our focus?

marys7. The sisterhood moments between Mary the mother and Mary Magdalene after the crucifixion… might not have been recorded anywhere, but may it serve as an inspiration. Christian “Mamas” need to be there for Christian “daughters,” the pure and focused need to love and mentor the newborn in Christ. Rock on, sisters.

8. I before never saw a depiction of the stoning of Stephen. It was chilling and inspiring, even if the culprits were watered-down. he stood for Jesus, and then He saw Him in the sky. Could I do that?

9. Saul’s conversion to Paul was intense. I enjoyed how a shout-out to “Amazing Grace” as well as an oral presentation of 1 Corinthians was part of his testimony. Again, the message has been shared!

10. As a lifelong (well, since age 7) pentecostal, I LOVED and APPRECIATED the depiction of the “upper room experience” more than I can say. People who are not pentecostal do not “get” speaking in tongues… some do not believe… some think they are scary, weird, made-up, etc. I even have a sweet friend who looked up some instances of tongues-speaking on You Tube just to see what it is all about. I cannot imagine the amazing-ness of the moment when the Holy Spirit first visited the Church, but I love to think it was exciting, exhilarating, empowering, and not to be mistaken for anything but the Spirit of God. Boom! I’m gonna go rewind it again…