I saw this little T-shirt ad last night. It read, “I wasn’t made for winter! I want my flip flops!”










And with that, I will ignore the chill in our air and focus on the, no…our… signs of spring.

Impromptu trips to the store, in which we stop to look at the lobsters and get to drive the (hated) race cart.
We moved to our new street in the summer. I’m thinking spring is going to be off-the-chart gorgeous there.

Randa feels like rockin’ the shades. All the time…
KK feels like rockin’ all the accessories. And she so can.

Yes. Sometimes we just have to buy overpriced flower pots from the grocery store… because they are yellow and pretty and seem to yell SPRIIIING!

Just like this screams BEACH!!!! and soon will be warm and even more blessedly inviting.