God and I had some moments this weekend.

rainyI helped organized and attended a women’s conference at church, with author & speaker Rhonda Holland, a woman I’d only met briefly, online, but I knew, just KNEW, she was going to have something to say – for me.

I am still digesting what I heard and what I learned, and little things during Friday aligned to let me know that those messages were for me.

Not unlike God, the perspective I was grasping, most excitedly, on Friday night was one I was challenged to apply first thing on Saturday morning.

Because I am still working through, praying through that part, I will share this part:

The truth always trumps the facts.

Hmm. WHAT?

That’s right. Ms. Rhonda said, “The TRUTH always trumps the FACTS.”

And in this, she about summed up the battlefield that is my mind. I will argue to breathlessness with others, myself, and God, that something is true because it is logical, evident, and tested.

But does that make it the ultimate truth?

And lest this become too paradoxal, let me share some of the list I have been making since jotting down that quote:

{this is the easiest one}
Fact is, I was infertile.
Truth is, He gave me 4 children – 2 from my womb, and 2 from my heart.

{this is a constant one}
Fact is, I was left out.

Truth is, I am loved.

{this is, in some ways, the hardest one}
Fact is, I’ve watched several of my dreams shatter and ventures fail.
Truth is, God’s promises are yes and amen…He who began a good work in me is faithful to complete it…No good thing will He withhold from those who do right. “The Bible tells me so.”

Fact is, this is the most it has rained since we moved to Myrtle Beach, and the atmosphere is depressing, and we’ve half-joked about needing to move some place sunnier and warmer… Florida. Arizona. South America…
Truth is: there was a bit of sun today, and there will be again, even when it feels like it’s going to rain forever.




  • Rhonda Holland

    You blessed me this morning! I needed a fresh voice to remind me that the facts can never trump His truth! I love your comments. Thank you for sharing and it was WONDERFUL to meet you this past weekend! It IS Well! Because His truth ALWAYS prevails! ♥ Love and blessings, Rhonda Holland