Things are going on.

My pace is slower and my focus sharpened.

My gray hairs are not being urgently covered with a trip to the salon or the miracle-in-a-box aisle. They mingle ok, I suppose, with the salt from more trips than usual to the beach. (For the record: Rod thinks I should embrace them permanently. I’m not convinced yet… I’m just not feeling urgent about them).

I wear flip-flops and T-shirts about every day, and don’t care.

I like lettuce… without dressing. (salt and pepper, please).

I am eating fewer preservatives and dairy products and walking more (step by step) and feeling a lot more energy.

I like staying home at night doing projects with my kids, cooking, writing, listening to music, watching TV with my husband.

I stopped looking for things to do, and things are finding me. Just today, my neighbor knocked and asked us if we wanted to walk the dogs on the beach. Um, YAH. We had a wonderful 2 hour walk just before the storm-and-cold front rolled in, capped off by Sonic happy hour. Praise the Lord for impromptu friends!

I am considering my dreams and what the point of them might be. Are they to make me feel approval and applause, to make already comfortable people feel more comfortable, or to actually help a person or a situation in need?

My vision as of late is very, very abstract, but my heartbeats hold distinct words. Servant-hood. Unconventional. Out of the box. Brave. Together. Obedient. Helpful. Healthy. Patient.

let it be

The messages – the words of wisdom – on which I have meditated come from a variety of sources. Experiencing God is telling me that while I wait on God’s next assignment, I just keep doing what I’m doing. 7 – and Jen Hatmaker’s blog – is telling me to embrace the simplistic life-view I’ve already been honing for a few years: less stuff, fewer things: serve more, embrace neighbors and nature and a true sabbath rest. The Buffy musical (it’s a metaphor, people) is telling me not to simply go through the motions, but to let a fire burn in me. My friend Sue Duffield, a writer/singer/comedian/fellow hippie, is telling me, “The world won’t get much better if we just let it be [nanananananana].” The Bible is telling me to strive to have a character, behavior that allows others to see God in me.

And while it all swirls in my head and stirs my soul, The Beatles tell me a little something, too:

Let it be, let it be. Yeah, there will be an answer… let it be.