Thank you, Disney Channel, for the great turn-of-term, and thank you, God, for the absolutely spring-like weather we’re currently having.

So what’s new?

I turned 36.
36 candles
Since we had spent the last 2 weeks eating, drinking, and being merry, we kept the birthday to one day this year. I went to church, had a Mexican fiesta with my family and some friends, and went to church again. All told, I was able to blow out the candles twice since Ma got me a cake on New Year’s Day. I wasn’t sure what to wish for this year. My life is very full and content these days, and that is a good foundation for a wish.

I’m trying to eat healthier. Really.
No dressing!
And salads like this would make that easier: romaine, blue cheese, avocado, red peppers, salt and pepper. It lacked nothing. I need to hit the produce aisle again tomorrow.

New Wednesday nights.
Journey ED
Part of my new role at Journey Church is Christian education for kids during our new mid-week service, what is now called “Journey Ed.” Our ‘Welcome to Wednesdays’ party combined us with the teens, and we had a great time that included getting-to-know-you games, Rice Krispy treats, and the best dance-off ever!

Modes of transportation.
Randa has started taking the school bus home. No more after-care…yay! She loves it, and as an added bonus, we are finally meeting some of the kids in our neighborhood. And since the bus stop is that in-between length of walking and riding, I’m going to grab my bike back from Kirsten for awhile so we can enjoy more of this together…

No, I’m not pregnant, but Ja-NEW-ary always brings out my decluttering bug. After finally getting the big tree down on Friday (we still have a little one in the hallway up), i changed some furniture around, and we are all really pleased with the results. By spring, I vow to have all boxes unpacked and the garage organized. This summer… going to paint a few rooms. Time to settle in!

Beachy keen.
The Self-Proclaimed Queen of the Beach King of the Grill Yum! Lunch table Josh & Kiks
Horseprints on the sand
Happy Sunday
… that’s the kind of weekend we had: rest, mostly project-free, dinner with new friends, and 2, count them T-W-O, trips to the BEACH! With the temp hitting 80, how could we resist? We enjoyed our new little grill (best burgers ever, honey!), and also enjoyed the wildlife we can see this time of year: happyhappyhappy dogs, lots of horses (including one that danced!), and three dolphins. It was downright magical.


I saw this picture on Facebook. It accurately sums up my mood at the end of this weekend. I have salt in my hair, a natural pedicure from the sand, worked-out legs from a great, long walk, and the kind of rested-ness that a weekend on the beach brings when the beach is your home.