One of my two Black Friday purchases (both ordered from Amazon whilst I wore my jammies), was a waffle maker.

Randa Rose looooves her some waffles in the morning. And because I am a good mom, I used to buy Eggos. And because I am a health-conscious mom, for awhile I bought Simply Eggos, because they were made from wholesome ingredients and not preservatives. And because I am a frugal mom, I wasn’t too disappointed when I couldn’t find those anymore, because there were more expensive. And alas, because I am an online-savvy mom, I bought my sweet little red waffle maker for a steal. (I don’t remember how much. That was 2 very full weeks ago).

I thought it would be a no-brainer, that I’d mix up a batch of batter that would leap from the pages of my 22 year old copy of Better Homes and Gardens cookbook into the greased plates of the waffle iron and magically transform into what Eggos tasted like when I was a kid.

Instead, for 2 batches now, I’ve gotten uneven, slightly doughy, not overly tasty squares with divets.

Randa… Looooves them.

Apparently, waffles are a matter of trial and error as well as personal taste. I have now made 2 batches and am testing different oils, different ways to grease the plates, and my own patience. We will have homemade, healthy waffles that taste better than the stupid, marked-up Eggos if it’s the last thing I do.

You’re sensing all the metaphors, right? Because I am way too tired tonight to spell them out for you.

But I am holding up a syrupy fork to you, dear reader. Here’s to do-overs and sweet additions that make plain ol’ nothings taste better.