Today at lunch, a friend of ours said that when he first met us, he would never have imagined having lunch with us.

You know, because if we had been running the Blank Blank Family Blank, maybe we would have been different people. Or as he said, some of “Those People.”

I can’t say I haven’t thought about it, when I wonder why. Rod and I had some pretty big plans for ourselves when we moved here… not selfish plans, not vindictive dreams, but maybe hopes that, come true, would have eventually led us to focus on the wrong things.

(But I really don’t think so. I just reread this, and I know our hearts, and I after considering possibilities for months, I simply think the Blank Blank Family Blank was just a… landmark on our journey)

We lost some stuff this past year. We lost some stability because we ‘banked’ on things that never happened. We lost control of circumstances we thought we’d always own. We lost some friends because we couldn’t give them what they wanted from us, which had little to do with who we are and more to do with what they thought we’d be.

So I am thankful tonight for:
– the focus we have
– the trials we’ve gone through
– the lessons we learned
– the friends who stayed
– the friends we made
– being together at the other side

As I am working on my annual Christmas photo project for the girls, I have a great opportunity to see where we started this year, and where we are now. God has provided. He has refined. And we are wiser, stronger people than we were a year ago. Life is not easy or simple, nor is it predictable, but it is our life together, and the unanswered prayers have added as much to it as the wishes that came true.