I am thankful for:

– news-bearing voice mails from friends
– catching-up emails from friends
– very random text messages from friends
– hearing from a friend in Staten Island, (Paul, my former boss, who also performed our wedding ceremony) that he and his family are ok after the hurricane
– new brakes on our van, and a very sweet & skilled friend who saved us a lot of money on them.
– God winks…
– friendly customers
– the ability to give people in Myrtle Beach proper directions (even though I still get lost myself sometimes)
– candy during staff meetings
– prayer during staff meetings
– Thanksgiving menu-planning
– 2 little girls who are learning to read
– 3 daughters who work with me
– a son and almost-daughter in law who asked me an amazing little ‘favor’
– having a husband home more nights than he is away
– not having to use the AC or the heat
– people who see the best in me

It’s been a good day.
Joy to the world, y’all!