Today is the last day of my 2nd “National Blog Post Month,” though I did skip one day. This accomplishment means absolutely nothing, but I’m glad I set aside time every day to write or at least reflect on the day or a subject. Thanks to those who read every day, too!

It was not lost on me during this vacation (we are driving home now) that some of our favorite or most enjoyable times were spent in the condo… using the bathtub with the jets, letting the girls eat breakfast in bed or pack their own bags, reading, talking, being slow.

There are a few ideas colliding in my spirit right now. One is the question that always forms this time of year (and really, all the time for me, but more so at the end of the year), What is next for me/our family? Another is several cultural paradigms guiding me toward better health. I am overweight. Our family eats too much processed food. American consumerism is a disorder. Whew… that is a heavy. But a healthier, simpler lifestyle beckons me from the spiritual and physical realm. And still another is something my husband, my pastor, and more than one sister-friend has whispered in one way or another to me: I hold the keys. The keys to what? Well, I’m working on that exact picture, but it has to do with my family, with ministry, with stuff I probably don’t even realize just yet.

I am currently reading Jen Hatmaker‘s book, 7. I first read about it almost a year ago, and put it away in the shelf of my mind, possibly after writing several versions of what my 7 foods for one month might be (a struggle between onions and coffee… very healthy!). Then, some of my closest friends in Illinois started reading it, and one of them sent it to me. They were loving it because of its subject and because they thought her narrative voice is so like mine (upon making it to chapter 2 and devouring some of her blog, I have to agree. Perhaps someday she and I will compare notes over a gigantic bowl of salsa while wearing graphic tees and speaking in parentheses!…) There are many things about her words that are calling to me… the fasting, the yearning for clarity, the frustration with the status quo in American Christianity, the heart-cry to adopt children out of poverty, the feeling that perhaps I need to do something radical to jump-start a new period of growth and productivity… God’s way.

So all that is swirling about right now. I have a very busy week ahead when we return, and then 2 more weeks of shows at the theatre before Christmastime is here… our doors will be open, Jesus will be celebrated, simple gifts will be given, a trip to Ohio and Chicago will be enjoyed, and the new year will yield positive, driven changes for us. Simple choices. Radical execution. Help me, Lord!