I’m thankful my family indulges my photo-taking. I love to capture those moments.

One of their favorite things to do is to take a regular picture:


followed by a silly picture:


And so…


… it goes…



We are spending the night in Jacksonville on our way to Lake Buena Vista, FL for a little getaway, but I am still basking in what a wonderful weekend we had. As we drove away today, after church and lunch with the fam and friends, I remarked to Rod how tired I am, and he just laughed. It really was “my kind” of weekend….cooking, cleaning, hostessing, being surrounded by people in our home. I love that. It happens so less frequently since we moved, and that has made me appreciate those times even more. I didn’t even notice I was going and going and going until I sat in the car… And. Promptly slept the first 2 hours of our drive.

Twenty games of Freecell and a stop at Chipotle later, it is time for this girl to settle in for a big old nap. Tomorrow will be a full day at the happiest place on earth!