My baby will be 5 years old in 3 months. Yet tonight, after bath time (a lovely time we only seem to truly slow down and share when on vacation… where there are bathtubs with jets!), I wrapped her in a plush white towel, cradled her, put her on the bed, lotioned her, and dressed her… like a baby.

See, another mama lost her baby tonight, and this always makes my heart grieve. And when there’s nothing I can do but pray, I can also simply hold my babies tighter.

It is lovely being away with my family, at Christmastime. We have had a few truly magical moments, but I can’t bring myself to share them tonight, not when I know another family out there is in the throws of grief I can’t and don’t want to comprehend. I know God gives and takes away, in many forms. I know today was a very good day for us, and we’ve had some not so good days, and we don’t know what our next days will bring. I also know that for all of us, the looming clouds that might rain on our happiness, our dreams, and precious family pictures must not keep us from creating, chasing, loving, and cherishing. We must do it anyway.

it is an age old question: does regret trump hope? Does present sorrow or disappointment supersede past happiness? I will vote no every, single time. I will give it my all anyway. And tonight, I pray for baby Henry’s family, that all they’ve given will be returned again and again.