Raise your hand (or  your thumb) if you’re thankful it’s Friday!


I’m thankful that Rod is now home with us for the next 2 weeks. I’m thankful for the effort spent to ‘coupon through’ our Thanksgiving holiday. And clearly, I am 35ish and no longer 21ish, because I am really, really thankful for a Friday night at home to catch up on our “programs” (can you hear me, Jen?) and to tst out one of my favorite new recipes in a long time. It is perfect Friday night food!~

Friday Sliders
1 lb ground meat (I used venison – thanks Tony & Vicki!)
.5 pound pork sausage
.5 pound HOT pork sausage
.5 brick of Velveeta (I wish I could quit you…)

Cut Velveeta into cubes. Brown and drain the meat, and return it to pan. Add the Velveeta and cook until it is melted and the meat is a bit saucy. Spread on Hawaiian dinner rolls. (Or maybe sandwich between 2 Hostess Honey Buns while you still can!) We set out all kinds of fun condiments to go with these…onions, pickles, jalepenos, mayo, mustard, ketchup. We didn’t use any. These were so dang good.

Served with a steamed bag of mixed veggies. Pumpkin cookies for dessert. Bedtime!


I am also thankful that Rod is sitting at the kitchen table singing all kinds of random cool songs while I type this, and that our dear friend Ms. Wanda is all done with surgeries and on the road to recovery. She’s pretty necessary to a whole bunch of us!