Every year I do this thing… going through the thousands (yes) of photos I take, and try to choose the minimum, the most memorable, the best, to showcase in books for the kids.

It has gotten easier. But it’s still hard… to me, they are all beautiful.

The thing about our digital age is how edited we can be. For example, I would rarely if ever show a photo of myself in which I am not wearing make-up, or my gray hairs are prominent, or where you can really tell exactly where those 30 extra pounds sit (like this one, which KK took while we waited for Randa in dance class). I want the prettiest and the best out there. And while I *might* show KK or Randa frowning or having a fit, I would never think of posting the same of Josh or Paige, or of Rod and me. We put our best “out there.” It is our human nature.

I think that’s ok, though. Transparency is important and truth is necessary, but intimacy can hardly be created in a few short posts or an uploaded album. I can safely say that my life is nowhere near as shiny and perfect as it might seem Online. Sometimes Rod and I argue. Sometimes I bite my tongue so I don’t berate our big kids. Sometimes I feel like I really, really need a few days’ break from my little kids. Sometimes I worry excessively about A, B, C, or what I am going to wear that day, or who doesn’t like me, or blahblah blippity blah. It’s life. Ugliness to some degree is implied, isn’t it?

Anyway, under the theme of giving thanks, I am thankful for editing. I am thankful for the wisdom and discretion that keeps us from saying, writing, publishing every thing that might pop into our skulls. The internet makes it so easy to instantly gratify ourselves not just with opportunities to vent but with captive audiences to either argue with us or pat us on the head. I have learned from a few hard lessons that not everything needs to be said or shared.

But I am proud of this family, and I am grateful for it from the bottom of my heart. I am so thankful for the year we’ve spent, and for the smiles on these faces and excitement in these eyes and love in these memories. For that, there is no editing required. What you see is what is. Thank You, God!

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