WHY does that song make me cry whenever I hear it?

It’s JUST fireworks.

It’s simply a SHOW.

And it’s some random child singing, not one of my own!

We’re all just children,
Reaching for our dreams.
They’re shining high above us,

We dream. We wish. We pray. Sometimes we are starry eyed. Sometimes we are Disney-fied, believing in a happy ending and some Pixie dust in spite of what happens around us.

And even though it seems so far (so far)
We put our faith and hope on a shooting star.

I watch my kids watching this “magical” show being put on. I think of what we invested nearly 4 years ago to ensure we could use this amazing place as a touchstone, a getaway, a tradition for our family. And even though it all somehow started with an animated mouse, for me, it means more:

We are raising our kids to be dreamers... not helpless dreamers, but dreamers who will do and try. Dreamers who will fail sometimes. Dreamers who will pick themselves up and dream again. They will be stronger and happier and more at peace because of it… and they will experience life – not just watch it unfold.

And all our wishes will come true.