This week is full. But it’s the good kind.

It’s full with work stuff… new things to promote, develop, figure out. Most of that feels good. It also just feels rushed and crazy, but I have a great team of people above and beside me to help me with that.

{especially when I nearly ugly-cry at staff meetings… ah, life as a girl… }

It’s also been full of Mommy-stuff, and this makes me happy, because even though two full plates is too much to fit on one plate, it means that life is resembling some balance. And the Mommy part looks like this:

A New Monday Routine
Sweet Randa finally has a new dance class… and it didn’t matter so much to her that her new leotard was backordered and I packed a wintery one that was a little small and forgot a tutu and so her blue underwear was showing. She was just darn happy to be dancing again. Little Sister, in the mean time, was happy to hang out in the lobby, play with some toys, flip through some books, have me to herself for an hour, and peek through to watch about 5 times…

My initial plan for balance included bringing the girls home for a snack and a breath before the 5:30 class, but since that did not happen, we had to make do:

I think I’m going to like Monday afternoons a whole lot more than Monday mornings!

Another First
There have been so many new things these past few months and weeks, and today was no exception. The girls had their first trip to the dentist. The place we chose (based on recommendations from friends) was great… sunny, cheerful, non-intimidating. And while KK does need a little extra work on the front teeth she bruised in December, both of them received smile-worthy reports.

And they loved the waiting room amenities:

Settling Back Down
After two weeks of wonderful, warm visitors to spoil us, and plenty of excitement, it seems to be time to accept that the season is shifting, and even though the AC is still on, we will embrace chili, pumpkin muffins, spiced candles, and the occasional wearing of sweaters… and new, balanced, Routines.

…well, as routine as this family gets, anyway…