I have no idea why this song is in my head tonight, but alas.

It is a great video by Martina McBride, anyway, but the live version will have to do…

South Carolina is a pretty good place to be right now. The grass and trees are pretty green. The sky is the most beautiful shade of blue. The rain smells good. And, you know, there is the ocean~

It’s a little bit amazing to me how I have shifted my perceptions to match my reality. Used to be my homes away from home were Mom & Dad’s, Jen’s, Maureen’s, Homewood Panera/Aurelio’s/Culver’s, Calvary Assembly of God. Now, basically, it is in the sand, surrounded by dollar store snacks and brightly colored chairs and sandy towels and giggling girls and a husband who pretends he isn’t completely amused by it all…

There are some other places I’d like to be right now. On any random day, when I drop the girls at their new school {which, thankfully, they love}, I find myself wishing we had some summer days to explore together. And then I recall the dreary days this winter when I had time, time, time and no motivation to explore, and I know that God is moving us in the direction He has chosen just for us. I would like to be able to stop by Mom & Dad’s after work, or have coffee around Maureen’s table with all the girls while the kids destroy her house, or chill on Jen’s couch watching something ridiculous on TV. I miss being in Mr. Brendel’s Sunday School class or getting excited when a “free 10″ inch” Aurelio’s coupon came on a random Thursday when I didn’t know what to cook. And I definitely wish I could be holding my new baby nephew right now, whispering his sweet name in all its versions {Daniel Bernard…D.B…Danny Boy…} while watching my big brother and his wife join the realm of “2 under 2.”

But I’m here. Even if I don’t always understand why. Even if sometimes I feel a little trapped between two places. Even if I resent the tourists a tiny little bit when I’m grocery shopping at 8 at night and they’re stocking up on their sunscreen and Pop Tarts (ew). And here, though it may not always be where I “would be” if I “could be” anywhere, has a whole lot of lovely to offer…



  • Martha Cavalieri

    Oh, I’ve missed you today. You were the first to encourage me to blog about my baseball boys and tonight I finally got it done. You always pegged me as an “encourager”, but I’ve recently realized how much I relied on YOUR encouragement in my life. I miss that “Atta girl” voice in my ear, miss being able to say it to you through a real live hug or a late night drop off conversation in the front seat of my car. :) Today… right now… I would be with you, my sister, my friend. xo

    • kellyburton

      I can’t wait to read it. And somehow I am still amazed that vocally or written, whether I call it your gift of encouragement, the Holy Spirit, or sisterhood, your words have one effect on me always: they make me feel *better.* And I am beyond grateful.

  • Thompson11181978

    If I could be anywhere right now I would be at the white house on First Street in Island, Ky., where my mom grew up. I would be swinging on the front porch swing with my mom & all my kids & grandkids would be with us. Miss you, Mimi & Linda!