When there are not enough words, or the right words, to sum it up, to offer, to describe, sometimes, we must simply rely on emotion, on silence, on pictures.

These days, my mind is consumed with balance. I am out of it right now. Work and the girls consume all the time and energy I have. Rod is traveling for the third week in a row, shows at the theatre are now 6 nights instead of 3, and you know…life surrounds us. My girls are feeling the exhaustion and KK in particular has been  s t r e s s e d  out. There is not a lot left for other things, and I feel the loss in particular when it comes to my friends in Chicago. Even the time to text random thoughts through the day has been depleted. I know they’re reading this, and I know they understand; I just hope they also know how much I love and miss them.

All that said, when people are getting killed in movie theaters, my problems are trifles.

So I have no real words tonight, only the need to keep this Chicagolina touchstone going… to tell you we have a few interesting struggles and adjustments right now, but we’re all right… to say I still believe with all my heart that God is in control and the love He gives for us to share is more than enough… to share the pictures that make me smile when I run out of words:

(Ok, well, what’s in the wrapper makes me happier than the wrapper itself…)

(And note to self: stop eating dinner in the car…)

(…or eating popcorn for dinner…)


May your specific prayers be answered and angels posted in the corners of everywhere you go.