I posted this on my Facebook status:

I’m never going to get it all done, or catch up, or get it right the first time, but this day will be redeemed. A baby was born today, a mother went to heaven today, and my 3 girls and I are headed to the beach at sunset, with sparklers and expectations only of light.

Yes, sometimes, I wax a bit poetic on FB. So the interpretation is: another friend had a baby today (I think that is #7 or something this year…), and a dear friend’s mom passed away. My work day got crazy and longer than I’d planned, Rod is out of town and we’ve had no time together lately, and I really just wanted to get the girls {and me} to the beach.

Confession: we took something besides sparklers.

I’m not sure the girls know how much my heart is with Auntie Gina and her new baby, or my friend Missy and her new baby, or my friend Cindra in the loss of her mom, but I do know that when we got ready to light the sparklers in honor, they both smooshed into me for a moment. They get it, I think…

As my friend Sue reminded us in her “70s Gospel Revue” last week, It only takes a spark to keep a fire burning. Tonight, I needed a spark of beauty, of time with my girls to simply honor life. We have no control over when it comes and goes, and often, we have no control over what happens in the middle. So it remains ever-important to let the moment burn…

While we were on the beach, I took a call from my BFF. I ran with Randa. I held KK even though she was wet and full of sand. I grabbed a picture with my eldest girl. I missed Rod so much. I ate a brownie. I lived.

Tonight, I celebrate the nephew I’ve yet to meet…his grandpa whom he hasn’t met…baby Lorraine…and mother Elaine…and all the lives they’ve touched, and will touch.

I celebrate my Rod, who is leading our family, bravely, wisely, to new days.

In sadness, in gratefulness, in faith, in hope, we move forward.