After being so excited for her end of year program all week long, even asking me to buy her a jean skirt just for the occasion, KK started off her day like this:

When I dropped her off at school that morning, her teachers told me what a great singer she is (I agree). I, too, was very excited for her program…especially since she had absolutely no stage fright).

When I returned to school, her teacher caught me in the hallway and said, “Don’t let her see you. She was already crying!” After my covert op to the sanctuary, I was informed by Rod and Paige that they had seen KK, and she waved happily.

I clutched my Kroger bouquet and waited at the edge of my seat.


She hid in the back. This photo is mild. For most of the program, she was in the lap of her assistant teacher, Ms. Lauren, and weeping…

I was a little bit heartbroken, mostly because SHE had been so excited, but also, I admit, because I had been so looking forward to her showing everyone what she can do.

(I already know what she can do, so Lord, please help me not to pass on my approval addiction to my babies…)

Afterwards, after a little more drama, she did agree to take some pictures while smiling…well, at least for some of them~

I’m so glad I have this memory.


And then, later that night, was Randa’s pre-school “graduation.” It’s such a silly concept, and also…about the cutest thing in the world. Black eye and all (that story is for another blog), she danced, sang, waved, and generally hammed it up. And when it was time, she pranced across the stage and accepted her diploma in true bright-and-sunny style. (I can’t post a lot of the pix because other kids are in them & its against school rules…)

The afterglow was a big hoopla for all, and KK enjoyed the entire experience much more than her own program. As far as the pre-school set goes, it doesn’t get much better than cheese cubes and cake and friends~

Well, it doesn’t really get much better than that, period…

Happy Stepping Up Season, everyone!