Yesterday afternoon, there were 5 gentlemen gathered in my office (squee! – I have an office!) discussing the best way to hang my shelves.

We had fun with it, and it’s all figured out, but this was a special moment for me because of what it represents.

Ever since Rod & I began following a call to ministry together, I guess about 7 years ago, we’ve often – mostly – felt isolated in our efforts, like we were constantly having to break down walls with only each other to depend on. Thank God, He often put people in our path – friends, family, even strangers, likely all the people reading this, to remind us we were not actually alone, even if we feel like we are. But geographically, logistically, financially, we have been mostly just-the-two-of-us to trust in what God provided.

He always sent what we needed, even if there were scary times of delay, and He is doing it again.

It means more than we can say, in our new venture, to be on a team of people who support us, who are trustworthy, who are like-minded, who are “iron,” and – BONUS – people whom we respect and love.

I have never regretted trusting in God, Whom I cannot see or hear or feel in a sensory way. But I am super thankful right now for the security that being surrounded by fellow humans provides to me.

Super thankful.