May has felt like a month and a half.

It’s been packed with stuff, good stuff, busy stuff, big stuff: new jobs for Rod and me, a new home for our church, Paige returning, Josh & Kirsten making plans to move here from Illinois the end of May, our plans to move 45 minutes southeast the end of June, a 6 day trip for the girls and me, and 3 weeks in a row of traveling for Rod. Oh…and chronic fleas for sweet Max, which seem to be controlled and gone now, thank you God, Paige, and Dawn dish detergent.

Still to come: preK graduation (seriously…)

Rod and I have not been apart this much in years, definitely since before the girls were born. In fact, for the last 3 years we have pretty much been together all the time, so this was a bit of an adjustment for us.

…and a sweet, sweet reunion when he returned last night.

We are better together, like so many other things making me smile these days~

tea, sugar, & ice on a hot day (ok, any day) = better together

little girls and little dogs = better together
(don’t mind the snow boots. It was about 80 degrees out at the time of this picture).

little girls and fun costumes sent by friends who totally get their personalities = better together (thank you Ms. Sandi!)

kk and fast slides = better together

printing presses and quaint little towns where businesses look like this =
better together
(PS: this is the town where we’ll be living come July!)

the Burton girls and accessory stores = better together

my 5 and a half year old and her new big girl earrings = better together


My husband, my kids, my people…make me better.