I am still mulling over and writing the story of our now, and honestly, our now is so chaotic that it’s taking me awhile to piece my thoughts together the right way.

We are out of practice for chaos. Seems unlikely, considering this time last year our possessions were in South Carolina, our family was in Illinois, we were trying to live on our bus in our church parking lot while starting new jobs in SC, working on Branson GMR 2011, and embarking on the goodbye tour. During that time, Rod threw out his back, I got sick, and still, the move and the summer…happened.

It seems like kind of a dream now.

The last six months or so have been the opposite of chaos for us. I wrote often about the quiet, the waiting, the oddness of having nothing pressing to do.

I knew when it was over, I’d be grateful for that time of rest. And even though it was often uncomfortable and scary, I am.

I learned so much.

I grew.

And now I stand as a person humbled and confident, gun-shy and wiser, enlightened, emboldened, somehow edgier and gentler all at once.

The lessons of this last year have brought me to where I am now.

This May, Rod and I are each starting new jobs. And for the first time in 3 years, we won’t be together all day, every day.

Can I pause here and say that I like being with my husband all the time? He is fabulous. He makes me laugh. He gives great hugs. He is smart. And he sings beautifully. Good company. The best.

It’s an adjustment for all of us that comes in the middle of other whirlwinds. Kid stuff. Family stuff. Possible moving stuff. House-in-Chicago-getting-new-tenants stuff. Life stuff, you know?

Thankfully our world of iPhones and Skype and Facetime and iMessages and FB and photo-texting will keep us in contact a lot.

Thankfully, we are both excited about where we are.

It feels like the time for which we’ve been waiting. And so, this song keeps going through my head…

Are you still waiting for your time? How will you know when it’s here? What will you do with it?

Let’s go light up the darkness.