Celebratory dessert. These are the cupcakes and the icing on the cake.

Our village. From start to finish, Wednesday was an “it takes a village kind of day.” It included our last Search for Significance Bible study, which was packed with revelations for me until the very end. It included some time to laugh and dream with my husband. It included a fun reunion with my MB sister-friend who is flexible enough to meet me and the girls for a park/library combo and brought them treats, too. It also included a a few impromptu and very fruitful meetings… with more people who are more than happy to include our kids as part of what we do.

New doors are opening. And let me tell you, it feels good to walk through open doors, especially without having to kick them down first.

A new Plan A. I am really, really, very excited to be embarking on a new plan with people I trust, respect, share faith with, and enjoy. Getting flashed a note like this during a meeting is much better than weighing the consequences of homicide.

We are energized, blessed, grateful, and ready to run. Happy Weekend!